Review for Isadora Moon Puts on a Show

Review for Isadora Moon Puts on a Show

Isadora Moon, Isadora Moon Puts on a Show, Ballet, Vampires, Friendship, Dancing, Rabbit, Spotlight, Bats, Glitter, Stars, Children's Books, Vampire, Magic, Harriet MuncasterIt is time for the yearly vampire ball, and this year… Isadora can come along with her parents!

Oh boy, I was so happy when I saw my library had this book. It is a bit spotty if they get these books in English (in Dutch they do have all of the books currently out) so I am always double happy when they do add it. And this was a really adorable and cute book with tons of inspiration and I could relate to Isadora a lot.

This time Isadora can come along with her parents to the Vampire Ball. A party I would love to go to as well, alas I am not a vampire or a half-vampire. This year is even more special as it falls on a Blood Moon evening. So the older vampires would like the kids to do something fun, a talent show! Isadora is a bit worried but also excited to do ballet. Because she definitely doesn’t want to do what her father did for his routine when he was young (and I totally agreed with her there, dad please). I loved seeing her practice and where can I buy a tutu that spits out glitter when I dance? I want one!

But then things happen and I just felt so sorry for Isadora. I could imagine her worries though, OK sure, maybe not the whole ballet x vampires may not work as I am just human and never met a vampire, but definitely the whole doing something in front of a big crowd and OMG what if things go wrong, or what if people don’t like, or what if they laugh? I knew that feeling so so well. Each time I had to go on stage I had these same feelings. But as you can read, I did go on stage, so I was just hoping that Isadora would, like me, find courage to go there.

We meet a brand-new girl and I loved her immediately. Araminta is so alike Isadora and I was delighted that the two immediately became friends. I do hope we see more of Araminta in the future books.

The plan the two girls concocted was magical and I was happy with the reactions of the people. Well done girls~ I am sure you are all curious what happened, haha, you will have to read the book!

Bonus points to the extras after the story. Recipes, how to make a stage, writing a story, and more!

All in all, I had so so much fun reading this one. Vampires, balls, ballet, a problem that is very relatable, friendship, glitter, and tons of pink, oh and wonderful illustrations, I cannot wait till the next book. What will be next for Isadora?

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