Review for Kamigette Sou Iu Koto desu ka Vol.1

Review for Kamigette Sou Iu Koto desu ka Vol.1

Madoka Hirose, Wacom, Drawing Tablet, Girl, Angel, Oni, Couches, Manga, Fantasy, Game, Drawing, Character Growth, Humour, Kamigette Sou Iu Koto desu ka,When Anna gets invited to Kami Games she would never have thought it would be run by an actual goddess.. or that her life would take a turn for something much more fun!

This one is by the same mangaka who also made Mimi Mix, a series where I read the first volume of and quite loved it. So I was definitely interested in this one. Also for the shoujo-ai of course, because I am very much in that these past months.

Meet Anna, a sweet but shy girl who loves drawing (and is amazing at it) and finally gets the chance to do that in a full-time job. She got an invite to join Kami Games and is of course eager to do it. But I am sure she never thought that her boss would actually be a goddess and one who is very eager to have her in the team and will do anything (giving Anna rice seems to be the most effective) for that. I really loved this setting and I loved meeting all the people who work at this gaming company. We have an angel who does the PR and who loves doing idol stuff, we have an oni god (with a sad story), we have a girl who has a collar… and oh no you don’t want her to put that one off (which was one part of the story I wasn’t too big of a fan off as she kind of drugged Anna with her pheromones and almost did something to her that one should never do without permission, but later she does repent a bit), and there are others and I believe we still have many to still meet and I can’t wait!

I loved the gaming company and seeing what they were making. I so want to play that game as well (and not just because of Anna’s love for big boobs or the fact that the goddess doesn’t know how gem distribution works), it looks so much fun and I love the story behind it.
I had a laugh though that, despite knowing how many people were hyped for the game, they forgot one important thing. 😛

There is also something else in this volume and that is Anna coming out of her shell. Find people who love/like her, find friends. She is quite insecure at times, but also very shy. We see this at an event, and I was proud of what she did there. It took a bit of talking, a bit more pushing, but I am just so proud and can’t wait to see her grow more.

The art was really fun and I like the style. I loved the character designs they fit so well with the personalities.

All in all, I want more of this series. Will they continue making this game, or will they make some new ones? Will we meet new characters? What will our goddess (lazy as always) do next? I can’t wait!

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