Review for Kids Fight Plastic

Review for Kids Fight Plastic

Kids Fight Plastic, Blue, Kids, Boys, Girls, Bottle, Red Letters, Non-fiction, Environment, Plastic, Saving the World, Martin DoreyFight plastic each day for just 2 minutes!

It is a big and hot topic in the world. Plastic. How bad it is. How much it is around us. How we can get rid of it. Well, not easily, but that is why I was curious about the book. What tips would we get? Would it be preachy (as I have read books like this that were just too preachy and had me rolling my eyes)?

Everyone can be a two minute hero! Pick up trash, take your own reusable bottle with you, if you buy candy make sure it isn’t wrapped in plastic, for your lunch take unwrapped veggies with you, and more. There was plenty to do and as the book went on it took it a step higher and higher. Until there was a point I was just not too interested any more. Oh you have a birthday, just make something homemade! Don’t use tape. Sorry, that is all great if you are kid, but that is just not how it works for me. I like buying books and fun new things for my husband for his hobbies and things that have to do with his hobbies. He isn’t of the ohhh a sweater or ohhh a scarf type, he finds them itchy and annoying. I already bake him a cake for his birthday and also on most other days. 😛
Also sorry, but I like my tree filled with shiny stuff. Sue me.
But the earlier stuff was great! I am really happy with that, and also learning more about plastic and what it does (most of it I already knew though). I am also curious about the washing ball/other thing, though it will be hard as I cut the labels out from my clothes to know what is what again and if it is the big bad polyester or not. I definitely will look that up.

I do love the missions and what points you can get for them. That is definitely a way to get kids interested in it. I know it would work for me if I was that age. I like that at the end we get your superhero rating based on the points you earned! Fun.

The illustrations were also fun and engaging and I love their style.

HOWEVER, you can see it is really pointed towards the UK. For instance I never heard of farmer’s markets until I read about it in books. We do have markets here, but I believe they get their stuff from the same place the supermarkets do. I have checked online for stores without packaging/zero waste, and well there are a few (5) in the neighbouring city, but according to the icons… it is not much and mostly has nuts (which I am deadly allergic for so I am staying far away). Taking a reusable cup to the cinemas is fun, but most here have bottles of drinks, not that you can grab anything of your own, and I am not even sure if that is allowed since they measure the price by the size of the cup. And there are more that had me scratching my head. I understand that you want plastic-free, but it really isn’t as easy as what the book makes it out to be. I could probably talk more about it, but I am stopping here. It is a nice idea though, and I am happy they are promoting it and trying to do things, but yeah, don’t make it sound easy.
Also, anyway my husband and I are destroying the planet apparently given how BAD kindersurprise eggs are. Well, they are yummy, I am not stopping any time soon. Sorry. I want to give up things, but not that.

All in all, this was a fun and quick read. A bit preachy and assuming it is all easy. But I learned some new things, I will probably add some new stuff to what I am already doing (like that washing ball/net thingie). I would recommend it.

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