Review for That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story

Review for That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story

That Can Be Arranged a Muslim Love Story, Huda Fahmy, Pink, Women, Man, White Letters, Muslim, Marriage, Romance, Comics, HumourI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Huda Fahmy is back again! After her amazing first book: Yes, I’m Hot In This (see my review for that here) I was hoping for more books by her. And here it is. Of course I immediately clicked the request button on Netgalley to get this book in my hands, because come on, I just can’t wait until 2020, no matter how soon that one is. 😛

This one is about marriage. About finding the one. About meddling moms and weird suitors who have a slew of reasons to marry someone (from a visa to having someone do everything for them (no, just no)). And how she finally met the guy who is now her husband.

In the start we see her meeting her hubby, or well, he doesn’t know he is going to be her hubby, but she has set her eyes on him. I had such a laugh at how she acted when she saw him, yes, a bit stalkerish, but I mostly found it cute. After that we go back in the past and see how Huda was back then and also how her family was. From first crushes to rules set for boy/girl interaction (or I should say none unless he is family). I have to say I was pretty delighted how her family thought she was too young to get married (as Huda’s friends were getting married quite young).
We see the first proposal, and I had a laugh how Huda’s mom was all excited and how her dad wasn’t. Then again, dads will generally be like that. Protective of their daughters.

We see that Huda is realising that marriage may not be the end of the road, may not be the end of all be. She learns to love herself. I was just so happy for her here in that part.

And then time rushes by, and then we are back to where the book started. At the conference. At that fated moment. Destiny if you want to call it that. The talk with the sheikh was fabulous, that was so wonderful of him to tell her that. Though I had a laugh that she didn’t even tell him about Gehad, but no worries, apparently the sheikh guy is magical. 😛

I loved the chapter on the first dates and the first things blooming between Huda and Gehad. So sweet! So romantic! Just a shame it all had to be chaperoned. I can only imagine how awkward it is to be with the guy you are liking and he is liking you and your mom is sitting there at the table. shudders
But I loved the connection between Gehad and Huda. How they could talk about nerdish things (like pokemon and darkwing duck (good choices btw)), how they laughed about the same jokes.

And then we read about the wedding and how that works. It was quite interesting. I knew a few bits and pieces, but not everything, so I just soaked up all this information. And of course, I also had a laugh, especially that last illustration. Yep, these two are meant to be.

I love the combination of comics, illustrations and text.

So this was an interesting, hilarious, fun read and I learned quite a few new things. I wish Gehad and Huda all the luck in their life together. And I would recommend this one to everyone. I am so going to be adding it to my shelves when it comes out.

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