Review for The Adventures of a Curious Cat

Review for The Adventures of a Curious Cat

The Adventures of a Curious Cat, Curious Zelda, Cat, Cute, Black and White Cat, Green, Rocket, Yarn, Suitcase, Non-fiction, Humour, Matt TaghioffMeet Zelda, internet famous cat and supercutie!

First up a big thanks for my hubby for giving me this one as a birthday present! I love Zelda, see her daily tweets pop by, and I had to have this book when I saw it come out. It looked adorable, fun, hilarious, and cattastic.

In this book we get to meet Zelda, the internet famous cat with her huge startled/derpy eyes. We see her go on a dating site, first in the hopes of netting some yummy fishes, second dating with some hot cats in the neighbourhood (which had some lovely and weird results). But Zelda also tells us about her humans, how she got to live with them, gives advice to other cats (and apparently a human who managed to send a letter) on their humans which had me laughing especially the pregnancy one, she gives us advice on various things one can do in their home (yes, their), like have you tried ironing board surfing which is not easy but oh so much fun? Or yoga which also means helping out your human if they try yoga. There is a lot to this book I won’t tell you everything otherwise the fun is gone and we don’t want that, do we?

The book also has illustrations and photographs of Zelda. I loved seeing those.. but I wouldn’t have minded more! Maybe at the end a photo album? How she first was when she arrived at her new home and then she her grow up and get more quirky.

I had fun reading it, however, one little thing, it did get a bit repetitive at times. It was a bit of the same pattern throughout the book and I would have liked it to be a bit more random.

I was a bit confused by one part. The night part. In which Zelda claims that she cannot see well in the dark and is struggling? But I thought cats could see pretty well in the dark? I have yet to see a cat who stumbles around in the dark or has a hard time finding its place.

But all in all, this was a delightful book which had me laughing and awwing. At times she was a bit harsh towards her humans, but in general she seems like a sweet kitty. I definitely give some plus points to the cover + the colour of it.
I would highly recommend this funny book. If you are a fan of Zelda (like me) you will love it, but if you are new I am sure Zelda will capture your heart and in the end you will be, just like me, looking at her pictures forever.

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