Review for The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet

Review for The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet

The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet, Chris Mould, Martin Howard, Dragon, Treasure, Blue, Planets, Humour, Adventure, Children's Books, Travelling, Silly,Welcome to the Unusual Travel Agency, meet Alfie Fleet and he will tell you all about his travels to Outlandish!

I already saw this one in Dutch, but I wanted the English one. I was almost about to buy it when I visited Library #1 and found it there, in English! A miracle!

I started reading and I instantly fell in love with the writing, with Alfie Fleet and that weird professor, Bowell-Mouvement (yes, that is really his name), with the story, and with Outlandish.

It all starts when a very very poor Alfie wants to buy his mom a foot massage machine, he has saved quite a bit thanks to stockmarket (yes, this boy knows how it works and I was absolutely loving it), but he is missing a bit of money. But then he sees an ad in a magazine, and I knew that was the start of an adventure he didn’t know was possible. I just adored how sweet Alfie was and that he was willing to do so much for his mom. Instead of buying something new for himself he dedicated his time for his mom. Top level kid.
And throughout the book I was a big fan of Alfie. He had big ideas, was smart, was eager to go on this journey, knew his way with words which saved everyone’s butts many many times. I loved how eager he was to make something of this journey despite the idea that he may never go back to Earth again.

There are many other characters that were so much fun. From the innkeepers we meet and their crazy antics and personalities, to Sir Brenda who loves questing a bit too much, to Derek (official name: Hunter-of-the-vicious-spiny-dereko-beast) who was a bit mental but also kick-ass and I loved seeing her grow and discover fun and happiness, there is the professor who frustrated me with how he confused everyone’s names even though they told him many many times but who was also awesome given all that he knew and the things that he did. Hoodwink wasn’t always a favourite due to his attitude, but I also had quite a laugh at this silly and stylish elf.

I did feel sorry for the characters that they were stuck in this world, HOWEVER, it did give us plenty of fun and adventure. I absolutely Loved Outlandish and wouldn’t mind living there. I loved the quest to find a new stone circle, though maybe they should make things a bit easier and have something else instead of a stone circle. Because if it breaks…. it is over until you find a new one. I loved how Alfie told us all the things that you could do in this world and what to be wary of. I was just looking forward to what more this world would give us. We have dragons, dangerous inns, elf hunting games, mountains, robbers, oh boy.

Oh, and I loved how time seems to flow differently per world. How you could be away for a few days yet just a few hours passed by on Earth!

I also loved the travel mode of Alfie and the professor. Namely… a moped named Betsy.

The ending and Alfie’s plans for the professor were just terrific. Not only did it help him and his mother, but the professor’s life also got better. Not to mention travel in the future! I loved what they did for Derek and I loved Alfie’s mom’s reaction to Derek.

Of course the book is also illustrated by Chris Mould! I love his art so so much and his style fitted just perfectly with the story and the silliness of it all.

All in all, I need more Alfie Fleet and I hope that more books are coming out soon. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all.

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