Review for The Disastrous Magical Wishes of Classroom 13 + The Super Awful Superheroes of Classroom 13

Review for The Disastrous Magical Wishes of Classroom 13 + The Super Awful Superheroes of Classroom 13

Classroom, wheelchair, Children's Books, Fantasy, Wishes, Genies, Children's Books, Illustrations, Humour, Honest Lee, Matthew J. Gilbert, Joëlle Dreidemy, The Disastrous Magical Wishes of Classroom 13Two hilarious books in the Classroom 13 series, in one the kids get wishes and in the other the kids are superheroes (or villains whichever they want).

I read these two in Dutch but want to write my review in English. I am also combining the reviews because the books follow the same pattern. It begins with the teacher, we see something happen in the classroom and then we read per child what happens to them, interspersed is the narrator who sometimes pops up, at least I would call it the narrator.

I don’t know why my library has books 2 and 4 and not the rest, but hey, that is the libraries here for you. They don’t know how to add books correctly it seems.

In these two books we see the kids in Classroom 13 experience some amazing things that had me wishing I could be in that classroom myself. It seems that there is always something happening. In these two books the kids get a chance for a wish and they get zapped by radioactive lightning and get superpowers. I had so much fun reading these books and getting to meet the kids. Since I read the books in Dutch I will use the Dutch names as I have no clue what the names are in English, at least not until I get the 3 books I ordered on Amazon (yes, I couldn’t resist or wait for the library to get them in Dutch). I loved Hugo and how he spoke French and then instead of awesome superpowers… he went from French to Spanish. snorts There is Lucita who wants to fly.. but just floats. And really don’t give the kid who is often sick fire powers.. Dang. You sneeze you lose. I loved reading about the other superpowers as well. And then there were the wishes. Oh boy, that genie is just as evil as most of the genies are. I know already that if I meet a genie, I will just say no thank you and step away. You have to be so careful with your wishes. Look at the kid who wished to be a merman (Liam) or the girl who wanted infinite wishes (Amber) and see how those turned out. I think the only one happy is the idiot of the class (Milan).

The Super Awful Superheroes of Classroom 13, Gray, Superheroes, Classroom, Children's Books, Fantasy, Humour, Teacher, Illustrations, Honest Lee, Matthew J. Gilbert, Joëlle Dreidemy,With each book there are also one or more kids who are coincidentally not in the class when things happen. I had a laugh, though I also thought it was sad for them. At least in the book with the genie one of the kids still got their wish.
And with each book we also get to see the thoughts of the classroom. Yes, really. And it is not amused. 😛

I liked that you can read the books out of order, well, ish. There are still some spoilers for the other books, and during the classroom chapters we see that he has already committed to doing revenge 2 and 4 times.

I also really liked how each of these books stories ended. It give me quite a few giggles.

I just have to mention that I found one of the kids a tad meh. I get that we are heading towards terribleness with the earth, but to say ALL adults are bad? All adults to have to go? Sorry, but what? I am sure many adults are trying their best to make something of the world. Maybe you should just focus on the worldleaders? The politicians? People with influence who don’t give a rats ass?

The illustrations are just wonderful and I love how well they fit with this silly and funny series.

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