Review for The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13

Review for The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13

The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13, Honest Lee, Matthew J. Gilbert, Joëlle Dreidemy, Yellow, Classroom, Children, Teacher, Cheque, Lottery, Multiple POV, Humour, Hamster, Cow, Friendship, Children's Books, IllustrationsThe unlucky teacher turns lucky.. and she gives the kids some of the money as well!

After loving the 2 books I read in Dutch I decided I wanted to continue this series in its original language. I decided to buy 3 books I hadn’t yet read and that included this one. Then it was waiting for Amazon to deliver them, and then it was finally time to read them. I started with this one as I want to read them in order. So expect 2 more to pop up and be read/get a review!

In this one a very unlucky teacher has to buy a lottery ticket… and wins 28 billion dollars. Yep. 28 billion dollars. That is a lot of money and most people would keep it, but she decides to share it with the kids in the class, well those who are in the class, which means poor Santiago is out once again (which had me laughing but also feeling sorry for the little guy). I loved that she shared it with her kids and spread it evenly over them.

Just like with the other two books this one shows us what each kid (and the hamster) in the class does with the money. I loved reading from each POV and seeing what they spend it on. Some were quite egotistical with their money while others spend it on family and friends. And one even cloned himself, which I found a wonderful idea given how tired he was, though I had kind of hoped that people would have seen that maybe they are asking too much of the boy. You can’t expect him to always be around. We learn how the cow was bought, which had me puzzled in the Dutch edition (as that one was book 2, no clue why they only added 2 and 4 to their collection :P). I did feel very sorry for William, that poor chap. And like with the other two books, I didn’t give a hogswart about that one girl who always spoke in code. Either do it normally, or just stay away.

The ending, oh my, given the previous books I knew what to expect, but it still had me very sad.

I also loved that the narrator popped up at times.

The illustrations were once again delightful and I love love their style!

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