Review for Zombies Are People, Too

Review for Zombies Are People, Too

Zombies Are People, Too, Tommy Greenwald, Dodgeball, Children's Books, Zombie, Balls, Gym, Illustrations, Zombie, Humour, FriendshipA brand-new Project-Z book, this time with new experiments (oh,no), rescues, and friendship.

Thank you to my hubby for giving me this for my birthday! I am so excited I can read this series further as the first book was just too fun. And this second book was so much fun I read it in one hour and 30 minutes!! I just flew right through it and had to know if Arnold would escape or not.

In this one we are right back where we left off the previous time. Arnold can stay in the town and everyone is keeping his secret. He can be a zombie and people are OK with it. I still love Arnold, he is very smart, at least in some areas (in others we can clearly see he has still no understanding of how humans work), but isn’t bragging about it or is annoying, like many other characters in books I read are. You really care about him, you want him to get more human and closer to his family and friends. You want him to learn more about humans. Plus, I just love how he eats jellybeans. I do hope in later books he may get a chance to eat something different, that would be fun.

In this one a doctor from Project Z finds Arnold and wants his help. I was just screaming at my book that Arnold shouldn’t accept it. The guy gave me serious creepy vibes and I just had a bad feeling about it. But Arnold is Arnold and he wants to help out. Then again, he didn’t really have a choice now that I think of it, which I just thought was sad. He finally had a happy life and then this happens. Poor fellow.

Seeing the Project Z and what happened there. OH MY. Those poor zombies/afterlifers. They keep getting (ab)used for things. They deserve a happier life doing things humans do. The things that happened in the complex, dang. Poor Arnold, I just felt so sorry for him and my heart just absolutely broke when the Kinders came to pick him up and what happened there.
But there were also good things about the complex, seeing more zombies and see how they want to be human, see Azalea who is an interesting girl, I hope she gets a chance at being human. I loved seeing Arnold’s before parents (which is what I would call them given how close they are and some other reasons).

I did like that we switched to Evan’s POV when Arnold was at the complex. We see the friends trying to make the best of the situation but eventually taking matters in their own hands. It was fun to see them plan and scheme and try to find people to help them with their mission. I also love that Sarah Anne got a bit more of a spotlight I hope we see her even more in the next books.

I loved the ending it was just a mix of action, fun, tears, and humour. I flew right through it and I am sorry to my hubby if I got a bit grumpy, but also thank you for letting me finish the book despite that it was time to sleep. 😛

I am also still a big fan of the illustrations. Their style just fits so well with the story and the characters.

All in all, now I definitely want the next book in my hands. Maybe next month I can get it. crosses fingers I would highly recommend this book to all who are in for a zombie book with a twist and tons of fun.

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