The Rapid Fire Book Tag

The Rapid Fire Book Tag

Morning all!

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Happy Saturday all! I got a new tag of you that I have seen floating around the blogverse this past week. I loved reading various bloggers answers and I thought I would add mine to the pile.

The last place I read this tag on was at A Novel Idea blog. Be sure to check her blog~


E-Book Or Physical Book?
Physical books. I love holding a real book, flipping through the pages, adding a bookmark, smelling the pages.

Paperback Or Hardback?
I am OK with both, BUT due to the high price I often go for paperbacks. Which are also easier to bring with me when I travel or go somewhere.

Online Or In-Store Book Shopping?
I love in-store shopping.. sadly, mostly to just look at books. Dutch books I will buy rarely when I really want them, the prices here are just very high (to state a price, I have seen paperbacks of 150 pages go for over 20 euros…) for them and the prices are fixed everywhere for at least a year, so I cannot go online for those. Quite often for Dutch I will wait for the library as there is a high chance that the books will be found there eventually. English books are barely found here in stores and sometimes triple the price of what I can find online. So I go online for those. Sorry bookstores. If the prices were better… I would buy books in stores in a heartbeat as I love to flip through them and read a bit.

Trilogies Or Series?
I like both!

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Mmm, the Darkling, evil but also a villain I love.

Heroes Or Villains?
Mm, I love myself a good villain. So I will go for that.

A Book You Want Everyone To Read?
I got too many books that I would want everyone to read! I just cannot pick one. So if you want a recommendation, just let me know your genre and I will recommend things!

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Recommend An Underrated Author?
Underrated? I wouldn’t even know if an author is underrated..

The Last Book You Finished?
The Happy and Heinous Halloween of Classroom 13 by Honest Lee, Matthew J. Gilber, and Joëlle Dreidemy. Loved it!

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used As A Bookmark?
I guess either my phone or a beer bottle cap. 😛

Used Books: Yes Or No?
They will have to be in good enough shape. I don’t mind a few creases or such, I can fix that easily. But I don’t want weird stains or that the books stinks (I bought some used books and I regret that as they were stinky and I just gagged each time I read).

Top Three Favourite Genres?
Romance, Horror, Contemporary

Borrow Or Buy?
Both! Often when I borrow a book and I like it I will buy it for my collection.

Character Or Plot?
Both, either can make or break a book and both need to be good to have the story work.

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Long Or Short Books?
I don’t care about a book’s length. I read anything that looks good/fun/interesting/right for me.

Name The First Three Books You Think Of
Fangirl, Unfortunate Beginning, Tweet Cute

Books That Make You Laugh Or Cry?
Depends on my mood. Sometimes I just need a book that needs to make me laugh. And sometimes I want something that tugs my heartstrings.

Our World Or Fictional?
Both. I love fictional worlds, but the real world has my husband, my hamsters, I just can’t leave those.

Audiobooks: Yes Or No?
Eh, no. I tried, believe me. But with my ADHD it just goes in one ear and out the other. I just cannot focus on the book and I just tune out because I get easily distracted. I need to see the words to be sure they stay in my head.

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Do You Ever Judge A Book By Its Cover?
Oh heck yes!

Book To Movie Or Book To TV?
Book to TV. Movies often have so many things cut out and that often just changes the story to not always be good. Tv shows have more opportunities to show the story and give it all the time it needs.

A Movie Or TV Show That You Preferred To The Book?
Haven’t found one yet.

Series Or Standalones?


And that is it for my answers! I am really loving the book tags that have been popping up around the blogverse and I am delighted I can participate in them. I hope you enjoyed my answers, and as for tagging, I tag everyone who wants to do this one~ Have fun!

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