Waiting on Wednesday ~ Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology

Evening all!

Happy Wednesday and happy birthday to me! Welcome to a brand-new Waiting on Wednesday. This week I am featuring some horror!

Namely the book Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology. Short stories written by woman with all the horror and dang that cover is gorgeous. 😍 Though also kind of creepy as I am expecting the girl to suddenly turn around. 😱I am a big fan of horror, especially with haunted houses, creepy dolls, ghosts, vampires. I hope to find some of that in this book. Plus, I hope to find some new horror writers to follow and maybe read more by them. I do love it when that happens.

Horror, Anthology, Short Stories, Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology, Girl with Stars, Broken Glass, Azzura Nox, Claire Hamilton-Russell, Emma Johnson-Rivard, Wondra Vanian, Jude Reid, Angela Sylvaine, Marnie Azzarelli, Charlotte PlattYou know them. Those girls that aren’t quite like everyone else. Those girls who stand out in the crowd. Those girls that dare to be different. Those girls are dangerous.
In Strange Girls, twenty-one authors dare to tackle what makes the girls in this collection different. Vampires, selkies, murderous mermaids, succubus, and possessed dolls take center stage in these short stories that are sure to invoke feelings of quiet terror and uneasiness in the reader. Following the successful debut of Women in Horror anthology with My American Nightmare, Strange Girls is the sophomore effort to showcase these talented women in a genre that is often dominated by the male gaze.
Dare to take a walk on the dark side.

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