What I Hope To Read March 2020

What I Hope To Read March 2020

Hello all!

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Welcome to a sparkling new What I Hope To Read, March is almost here and I am delighted to welcome it.

Where did February go? It was an amazing month with tons of fun things like my birthday, my blog’s 6 anniversary, Valentines Day. dances I am sad to see it pass by so quickly, but I guess March also makes me happy with spring coming up and that means I can finally work in my garden again + maybe sit in the garden reading (if the weather is sunny).

Haha, my February reads… well, I wanted to read them, but sadly only read one of them. One pre-order STILL isn’t here and I cancelled it at Amazon to switch it to BD who did have it in stock. Now I am waiting for it to arrive.
Oh well, it may sound like I failed as I only read one book from all that I wanted to read, but I see it as opportunities for when I am out of books to read (which happens sometimes). Now I got many books I can still read/try out!

This new month though. WOW. I am so excited about this month. I got books that are sequels, one of my favourite authors wrote a new book with a creepy tale, the Daphne + Velma book comes out, and then there are so many thrillers that I hope I will enjoy (thrillers are hit and miss for me).

I got 0 pre-orders and 13 books I want to try and read!

Anisha Accidental Detective, Serena Patel, Pink, Boy, Girl, Yellow Letters, Detective, Mystery, Children's BooksConfessions about Colton, Thriller, Young Adult, Clues, Olivia Harvard, Mystery, Murder, Ripped PageAll Your Twisted Secrets, Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Secrets, Faces, Guys, Girls, Red Stripes, Diana Urban, White BackgroundThe Night of Your Life, Lydia Sharp, Balloons, Ribbons, Photographs, Flowers, Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Time Loop, Cover Love, Young Adult, PromThe Fire Never Goes Out, Pink, Noelle Stevenson, Non-fiction, Memoir, Graphic Novel, Essays, Mini-comics, LGBTThe Sea of Lost Girls, Blue, Girl, Underwater, Hair, Thriller, Mystery, Prep School, Murder, Carol GoodmanKitty and the Sky Garden Adventure, Kitty #2, Moon, Sunflowers, Children's Books, Superheroes, Cats, Plants, Illustrations, AdventureThe Twin, Natasha Preston, Thriller, Young Adult, Mystery, Twins, Murder, Flower, Cut, Scissors, Dark Blue BackgroundWow No Thank You, Samantha Irby, Essays, Non-fiction, Humour, Memoir, LGBT, Samantha Irby, Bunny, Green BackgroundCrater Lake, Jennifer Killick, Children's book, Horror, Mystery, Alien, School Trip, Lake, Woods, MoonThe Vanishing Girl, Josephine Ruby, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake, Mystery, Young Adult, Scooby Doo Where Are You?, Thriller, Daphne and Velma YA Novel #1Ben Braver and the Vortex of Doom, Ben Braver #3, Marcus Emerson, Green, Humour, Vortex, Boys, Girls, City, Children's Books, Superpowers, Friendship, Villains

The Gravity of Us, NASA, Phil Stamper, Young Adult, LGBT, Romance, Contemporary, Holding Hands, Guys

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