Book Haul March 2020

Book Haul March 2020

Morning all,

Happy Saturday/weekend to all, and welcome to a new Book Haul post, this time for March!

I am expecting 2 more books (2 new comics), but things are delayed so much I am not sure when they are coming in (they should have come in 2 days ago) so those will go on next month’s haul. This was quite a nice month with plenty of new books to add to my collection. Unlike last month I didn’t read all of them. This due to corona. I have to ration my books. My country has had to stay inside for 2 weeks already (with libraries closed since that time as well) and we are probably going to be stuck inside until June. There is no news yet if the libraries will stay closed until April 6th or, as I would guess given the news, stay closed until June as well. That means I have to hold off from devouring the books. It hasn’t been easy I can tell you, I just wanted to read and read, but then I remember if I do that, I will have a hard time in April/May. And I need books now to keep my mental health in the OK range.

I have several pre-orders (or books I was planning to buy, given how hard those World Book Day Books turned out to get) and books that seemed really good and were needed in my life.
Also not on the pre-order picture, I will update later today, is Wranglestone!

Books, Stack of Books, Children's Books, World Book Day, Alfie Fleet, Kid Normal

Stack of Books, New Books, Book Haul March, Comics, Children's Books, Detective, Graphic Novel, Baby Names

Wranglestone by Darren Charlton
Alfie Fleet’s Guide to the Universe by Martin Howard
Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick
The Case of the Drowned Pearl by Robin Stevens
Kid Normal and the Loudest Library by Greg James, Chris Smith
Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang by Laura Ellen Anderson

Hipster Baby Names by Tobias Anthony
The Mad World of Sign Language by Daily Telegraph
Detective Matrix en de moord op landgoed De Witte Raaf by Sanne de Bakker, Jeska Verstegen
Unipiggle by Hannah Shaw
Snapdragon by Kat Leyh
Mickey and the Animal Spies by Anne Miller, Becka Moor
The Night of Your Life by Lydia Sharp
De buurtpolitie #1 by Nix
De buurtpolitie #2 by Nix
De buurtpolitie #5 by Nix
De buurtpolitie #8 by Nix

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