Library Haul 12-3-2020

Library Haul 12-3-2020

Evening all!

Thursday! I could visit Library #1 to get some new books! I am so happy with my electric bicycle because with the winds we are currently having I would otherwise have stayed home. Now I still struggled and got blown away at times, but it was doable! cheers

I was already worried that maybe I couldn’t go due to the Corona virus, everything is slowly getting closed in my country and measures are being taken. Thankfully, the library was still open and so I could visit and grab some books. Not sure how the situation is next week, but I guess we will see. For now I got books and I am happy.

I had fun walking around the library which was, for most, blissfully quiet. Still enough students studying, but less parents/children and adults. I checked out all my favourite spots in the library and quickly had a stack of books in my hands. Since I am totally into thrillers for women (with a woman as lead) I grabbed two books from that section. Plus, YES, I found the new (well, new for me) Eva Burgers book that I couldn’t find in any other library. cheers

Stats: 8 books. 1 non-fiction, 3 thrillers, 4 fiction.

NOTE: 3 of these books aren’t on Goodreads, will be adding them when I read them. 🙂

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Genoeg by Yentt Keuppens
Winterwereld by Linda van Rijn
Stil by Eva Burgers
Fritzi & Co: Het enge pretpark by Anneke Scholtens
De Topper Turboracer by David Baddiel
Chinglish by Sue Cheung
Eindfeest by Jet van Vuuren
Allemaal beestjes by Hetty van Aar

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