Library Haul 14-3-2020

Library Haul 14-3-2020

Afternoon all!

Happy Saturday! Welcome to a new Library #3 Haul! I hope you are all enjoying the hauls, sadly until 31st of March I am not going to be able to visit the libraries.

While Library #1 is closed since today, Library #3’s main branch is closed and who knows how long until everything is closed, Library #2 closed yesterday. They are all closed until at least the end of the month. Thankfully I got tons of books now to read, because otherwise this bookworm would have starved. 😛

So this time my Library Haul for #3 is for one of the smaller branches. Thankfully they still had librarians walking around as I had to renew my subscription again. After that I had fun checking out this tiny but very cosy library for books. They didn’t have a lot (especially in regards to comics and English books), but I did find enough books to satisfy the bookworm inside me. I brought some more thrillers with me and was totally delighted that they had Jachtpartij, which I reserved at Library #2 last week in the hopes of getting it on time. Now I can read that one. I also got over my embarrassment and took 2 Bouquet books with me. Maybe if these two are any good I may get more. OMG I never thought I would end up reading these. blushes

I am ready for almost 3 weeks of no library, now to hope that after those 3 weeks the libraries open again. crosses fingers

Stats: 11 books (still had one at home). 6 thrillers, 5 fiction.

NOTE: Two of these books aren’t on Goodreads I will be adding the books when I read them.

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Gebonden aan de sjeik by Trish Morey
Verleid door de playboy by Carole Marinelli
Konijn & Egel by Paul Verrept
Plankenkoorts by Matt Stanton
My Name is Mina by David Almond
Bright Young Dead by Jessica Fellowes
Blue Curacao by Linda van Rijn
Villa Toscane by Linda van Rijn
Winterchalet by Linda van Rijn
Vive la France by Linda van Rijn
De jachtpartij by Lucy Foley

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    1. Thank you for commenting~ Yep! And books are a wonderful way to make the best out of these 3 weeks and I got plenty to read now.

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