Library Haul 7-3-2020

Library Haul 7-3-2020

Afternoon everyone!

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Welcome all to a new Library #2 Haul! So many new books! does a happy book dance

I was delighted to head back to Library #2 I had a big need for new books in my life and I was looking forward to picking my 8 reservations. Yep, something a bit more normal if you compare it to the 18 of last week. 😛

I walked around the library to see if I could find more books to read and if I could find some new ones that I wasn’t sure to reserve or not (sometimes I need to check the book before I take it with me). I found quite a few books and also grabbed 3 books from two authors (Kiki van Dijk en Linda van Rijn). I read a book by Kiki van Dijk this week and quite liked it so I wanted more. As for Linda van Rijn, I got one book from Library #1 on Thursday and wanted more as I am really liking what she is writing about.

All in all, a lovely time in the library and tons of new books! I can’t wait to start reading these books, going to start Gekke Goden first it seems just so much fun.

Stats: 21 books. 2 non-fiction, 5 picture books, 1 graphic novel/comic, 13 fiction.

NOTE: Many of these aren’t on Goodreads and I will add the books when I read them.

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Wat & Hoe: Lissabon by ?
Lech by Kiki van Dijk
Mijn dood en ik by Remco Campert
De dansende vampier by Roberto Pavanello
Cinders and Sparks: Magic by Midnight by Lindsey Kelk
Gekke Goden #1 by David Slavin
Giel en de geesten: De geest van de meester by Tjerk Noordraven
De bokkenbrigade by Martine Glaser
Op weg naar de toekomst by Marjan Berk
Heksje Marit by Patricia David, Kristina Ruell
Lottie Luna en de bloementuin by Vivian French
Het vijfde meisje by J.D. Barker
Costa Brava by Linda van Rijn
Zomerhuis by Linda van Rijn

Olaf & Giraf en de grote plons by Marijke Aartsen
Een huis vol vrienden by Pieter Gaudesaboos
Shh! I’m Reading by John Kelly
Een grote, dikke leugen by Thierry Robberecht
Dood van een huistiran by Agatha Christie
Schooier by Helen Stephens
Parijs by Miloslav Sasek

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