Review for Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang

Review for Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang

Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang, Laura Ellen Anderson, Blue, Bookworms, Vampire, Girl, Magic, Fantasy, Friendship, Moon, Pumpkin, Books, Reading, Yeti, Fairies, Children's Books, World Book Day 2020, World Book DayTime for a new Amelia Fang, this time bookworms, libraries, and creating your own story!

Oh boy, I was just totally excited when I saw the announcement for World Book Day 2020 and that Amelia Fang would get a short story. I just love the series (well, OK, maybe not Florence) and I was hoping that I would find it on Amazon. After a week of “patient” every day clicking on the link to see if it was finally on Amazon, it was there! And yesterday I was in need for a fun and silly story with magic, Amelia Fang is perfect for that.

In this story Amelia and her friends have to write a story! Everyone is excited, but Amelia seems worried and I could totally see why, everyone was already putting on the pressure. Yes, she can write, but if you guys keep on swooning about it, writer blocks may happen. I felt sorry for Amelia, I knew she would eventually write an amazing story (though what she eventually write had me squeeing even more as that really broke fourth wall for me), but until then we see her try to write and not make her friends worried. I just wanted to step in and tell her to just talk to them. Every great writer has a writer’s block once in a while.

Next to the whole writing a story and the worries that come with that (and the joys if you see how happy Amelia’s friends are), there is also something else. Tangine’s library is infested with Bookworms. Yep, you heard that right, there are bookworms and boy oh boy they are hungry. I was proud of Amelia of eventually talking to them and what we learn, oh my. That explains a whole lot, I hope everyone is able to help them out (and not just them but also the poor books). I loved the bookworms they were so much fun and so friendly.

The ending was a delight!

Oh, and since I haven’t read book 5, I am guessing I missed the birth of her baby brother, Vincent. At least, I can’t recall him appearing in books 1-4, unless I totally forgot. Unless that event happens in the newest book, Naughty Caticorns? I guess I will have to get book 6 soon. No, not getting book 5, too much shouting Yeti for me.

The illustrations are once again a delight, I just love how the bookworms were drawn. You would think they are scary, you would think icky, but instead they have been drawn with human features and a hunger for books that may rival my own.

All in all, a perfect novella in the Amelia Fang series and it was just so fitting for World Book Day with writing your own story and reading books. I would recommend it.

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