Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.5

Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.5

Kozue Amano, Slice of Life, Cats, Magic, Aria, Aria the Masterpiece vol.5, Alice, Girl, Dress, Gondola, Venice, Mars, Neo-Venezia, MangaI received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This one bundles volume 7+8, we are slowly nearing completion of this manga which in ways delight me and also make me sad as I don’t want it to stop. Argh! I guess after the manga ends in this bundled form, I will rewatch the anime again.

The seasons for this volume are Spring and Summer and we see how things are slowly transitioning to Autumn! I just love that we see all the seasons and waht the girls do. We see outfits change from winter to summer, we see events that have to do with the seasons (though I do wish there was more of them). It really gives an extra special feeling to the manga. Plus, I look forward to all the things that go with those season.
But the seasons aren’t the only things that show that time is passing by. Just look how everyone looks in this volume, they are much more mature than in the first volumes, they look older.

Right from the first chapter I just got an overdose of the feels. Poor Aika, but I am happy with how the story progressed and what she learned. Then each chapter brings another special thing, I had so much fun reading it. Each girl is growing up and that just brought a big smile to my face. I just love it when characters grow and that we can be part of that journey.
I just love that we also see romances happening and I was just in tears (sorry, very easily emotional it seems) when Aika went to meet Al because she wanted to know what he thought about her haircut. Aww, girl.

Each chapter has such a wonderful story, it is part of the story in a whole, but also a story on it’s own. I loved seeing more of Athena, see what happens to gondola’s when they are too old, see the friendship between the girls, get hungry from the bbq, and go awww when I see those cute cats (I totally agree with Maa, needles are scary), we meet a ghost and I think it is good that Akari has such a friend or else…, .

And once again, I know I mentioned it before, but I just love this series so much more now that I visited Venice on my honeymoon last year. To see all those spots again in the manga is just a magical experience. Knowing that you went to those spots. Yes, it is Neo-Venezia, but it is based on Venice.

The art was once again stunning and I just love how each chapter gets better and more gorgeous.

I can’t wait for the next volume to be released. I look forward to it, I want to know what Autumn and Winter will bring. I would highly recommend this series to all.

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