Review for Dewdrop

Review for Dewdrop

Dewdrop, Katie O'Neill, Underwater, Green, Blue, Axolotl, Turtle, Fish, Plants, Children's Books, Picture BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, a new Katie O’Neill, and this time a picture book! Of course I couldn’t resist and I had to get it from Netgalley. Just look at that cover, that cutie is just asking you to read its book!

It is time for a competition and Dewdrop is eager to help out. As cheerleader! Yep. This little one goes fully for it. She helps out with everything, cheers up her friends in a wonderful Dewdrop way. Because yes, her friends need some motivation, they need some Dewdrop love. They see other competitors being much better, or they have just no inspiration for the competition. Dewdrop pops by all her friends and she was just so sweet and motivational that everyone was sparkling afterwards.

The sportsfestival was just wonderful and I was cheering for the animals participating in them. You can do it! Yep, I was cheerleading just as much as Dewdrop was! And then there was the really adorable ending that just had me go aww!

I just loved the art, but then again this is Katie O’Neill and I love love her work. She has a wonderful way with drawing/making art, the characters really come to life. Look at Dewdrop! Look at those adorable expressions on her and her friends. And then there are the backgrounds. So pretty!

All in all, this was such a gorgeous and fun book to read and I would highly recommend it to all. I am sure kids, and adults, will love it.

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