Review for Dinosaur Coloring Book

Review for Dinosaur Coloring Book

Dinosaur coloring Book, Dinosaurs, colouring, Facts, Children's Books, THe Northern Star Printing Co.I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Everyone knows I love dinosaurs (though please without feathers), so I just had to try this one out as I also love colouring books (though I generally just have them for the pretty pictures and not for colouring).

Well, what can I say? This is a colouring book featuring all sorts of dinosaurs. I really loved the style and I loved that there were so many colouring in options. You can really go crazy on colouring these wonderful dinosaurs. There are stripes and dots and bloobs and blibs. OK, sure, some dinosaurs were a bit easier, for instance the Diplodocus. There is also a background which you can colour in. From mountains to trees to bushes, and of course a big big sky or big big sea/river if the creature lived in the waters of this time period.
I loved the variety of the dinosaurs, from flying to swimming to roaming the earth. From sweeties who only ate leaves and greenery to bad ass dinosaurs who didn’t mind a heavy/light dinosaur snack.

I loved that each dinosaur had a pronunciation under their name + some extra information/facts on the dinosaur. Like did you know that Pliosaurus had a large head with heavy jaws (for all the nomming he has to do) but the rest of him was short and chunky? Or that many of the fins/spines on the dinosaurs back were for body temperature? I already knew most of the facts which is no surprise given how many books I read about dinosaurs, but I am sure kids may not know everything yet, and then this book is perfect. You can have a fun colouring in and then also learn something.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend to all. It is fun, creative, and you will learn something. I am definitely going to be adding this one to my own collection.

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