Review for Gidget the Surfing Dog

Review for Gidget the Surfing Dog

Gidget the Surfing Dog, Elizabeth Rusch, Dog, Surfboard, Sea, Pink, Cute, SurfingI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to try out this book when I saw that superduper adorable cover~ Plus, I have heard of dogs surfing so I had to see who Gidget was and how good he was on a surfboard.

This book is all about Gidget, written in easy text and partially as if it is a story. Gidget is a tiny little pug who is super hyper (sounds like my kind of animal) and his owner who was looking for something so her tiny pet would have something to do as to not break down the house. We see Gidget go through various fun active things before they come across surfing. I just adored seeing how well Gidget was doing on a surfboard and how he found the one thing that Gidget absolutely loved and that was safe for him to do.

My heart broke when we learned that he had a disease that almost caused him to die, thankfully he had a miracle recovery though he still needs to take medicines. Poor Gidget! How happy I am that the doggie has bounced back.

The book also has a ton of adorable and cute pictures of Gidget and other dogs participating in competitions. Of course, I was mostly looking forward to Gidget’s pictures as that is the dog I came here for. 😛

Sadly, there were a few things I just wasn’t into. How waves/surfing worked and the sudden trash cleaning thing on the last pages. In one case I may be interested in it in another book, and in the other case it just felt like it was pushed in because of how hot and happening it is at the moment (it is still a good cause but there is only so much I can hear about it before I tune out).

But all in all, a cute short book about Gidget. I loved that, despite it being only 50 pages, you learn all about Gidget, see competitions and more. It was filled to the brim~

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