Review for Guts

Review for Guts

Guts, Raina Telgemeir, Emoji, Tongue, Purple, Graphic NovelA new book in the Smile series, this time upset stomachs, family, food, and more.

Ducktales Woo-ooo! This was such a wonderful read, Raina Telgemeier has done it again! The third book in the Smile series and I am happy that the series continues. This one features a whole ton of topics but once again it all works and comes together as one story. I loved reading it.

Raina’s life has been good so far, but after a case of food poisoning things start to go wrong for her. The word vomit is a trigger for her to get stomach aches and almost puke. Some foods are also triggering, and then there is the stomach aches she gets which often coincide with worries and fears. I could very well understand Raina, while I don’t have IBS (or maybe I do but never tested for it) I also get terrible tummy aches when I am afraid or worried or have to do something exciting/scary. I was hoping that someone would notice and help, and thankfully she gets help from a therapist who was a wonderful person. She never pushed, she just let Raina talk, only giving some key words or questions. And it helped so so much, we see that while Raina is still getting tummy aches and probably will for a long time, she is now able to calm down and think of happier things to get out of the anxiety and most of the stress. Plus, she is able to eat foods without worrying too much (I had a big laugh when she was at her friends house and tried out new foods and got totally addicted to them).

I loved the friendship between Raina and her friends.

It made me happy that the parents did that for Raina, they saw that their little girl was growing up and needed more space of her own to do her own thing. To do her homework in peace, to have a place that is quiet and silent.

I do hope that the parents make some other food than just tacos. I did think that was a bit silly, and while I do understand it slightly with each family member being picky on what they eat it won’t be easy to make something, but I know families with picky eaters and the parents still make healthy and varied food.

I am so sorry, but I just laughed when Raina confessed she was going to therapy and everyone and their mother confessed to going to therapy. What the hell? I swear if I confessed this at that age to people they would have looked strangely at me. I think even now if I confessed it to people they would look at me strangely. Therapy is not something everyone and their mother does here. I guess this is a very American thing then, that everyone is in/needs therapy?

But sorry, the whole Michelle thing? It just felt wrong in my eyes, especially how things were solved. She did horrible things, she said horrible things, but instead of someone taking Raina’s side or anyone’s as this girl was terrible to many people, the teachers did the same as they often did here. Oh, but those poor bullies, you should be kinder to them because they have some dramatic sob story that makes it all OK. I am sorry for that girl and that her life has been like this, but that doesn’t excuse her from her behaviour and I would have liked to see this better handled than the way it did in the end. Teachers should have stepped up and helped Raina (and others) more. I feel like a big part of the stress that Raina experienced could have been stopped had anyone at the school just stepped up and talked to the bully and had a good conversation that doing these things is bad.

The art was once again very fun and the style very nice.

I just flew through this graphic novel and found it well written and a fantastic read. I can’t wait what is next in the Smile series. I hope we get more books about Raina.

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