Review for Ikemen to Hakoiri Musume Vol.1

Review for Ikemen to Hakoiri Musume Vol.1

Ikemen to Hakoiri Musume, Majoccoid, Mochi Au Lait, Two Girls, Orange, Smoking, LGBT, Cute, Manga, HumourTwo girls, one relationship, this sounds nice right? Well, the other girl doesn’t know her lover is a girl. 😛

I just loved the premise of this series. It just sounds so silly and I was curious to see how long it would take that handsome boy to let Satomi know she was a girl.

I loved seeing Kanda and Satomi together, they really make an adorable and sweet couple. Kanda is more tough and boyish and Satomi is glitter and girlish. I loved seeing their dates and see both characters discover new sides to their lovers. For Satomi that is that Kanda doesn’t like to be touched (which is logical given the boob situation and Kanda not having told she is a girl) and that Kanda at times doesn’t seem to understand what to do in a relationship and for Kanda that is finding out that Satomi is a rich girl without a care about money or how it works and that she likes hot foods and strange plushies.

I did have to say it was quite funny in the beginning with Kanda wondering how to tell Satomi that she is a girl, but after a while it did get a bit annoying. Especially the part when we meet Kanda’s friends and they make remarks. That would have been the right time. Though, even earlier would have been even better. Just tell her already, you have been dating for weeks, if not months. Just be a big girl and do it. This just isn’t fair to Satomi. Plus, I am sure that she wouldn’t mind you being a girl. Satomi loves you so much I am sure it will be OK. But if you keep it hidden.. well I am not sure if she will accept you then.

I did think it was funny that, I am betting my money that is a guy and thus her brother, Kanda’s brother is acting and looking A LOT like a girl. 😛

I did love the art, especially Satomi’s design was just so pretty. Her eyes are amazing.

But will I continue this series? Yes, but I will probably wait for a new volume to pop up and not read the chapters as they come out. I don’t want another x chapters with Kanda thinking she should say it but not doing it.

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