Review for Ishuzoku Reviewers Vol.3

Review for Ishuzoku Reviewers Vol.3

Interspecies Reviewers, Ishuzoku Reviewers, volume 3, Ecchi, Sex, Manga, Reviews, Centaur, Fantasy, HumourRivals, halos, reviews, drunk leprechauns, and more. The third volume of Ishuzoku (Interspecies) reviewers is here! And what a delight it was.

I am looking forward each time to a new volume in this series. It helps that the manga and anime are so different and that I can enjoy both. Sometimes I drop either the manga or the anime or wait until one of them is finished before I continue. But now? With how pervy and almost hentai the anime is? And how tame the manga? I can just watch/read both. 😛

In this one there is a lot that is happening, next to the reviews. We got a new rival, and I wasn’t a fan of him. Really, just give honest scores instead of what you do now. It is nice to respect women, but this isn’t the right way. Our guys are getting more and more popular in regards to their reviews, which made me happy as they did put a lot of work in it. 😉 There is also that plot (and not talking about the boobies) with the witch and Crim’s halo. I will stick to what I said, I am not sure how I feel about it being added. I am already very happy and satisfied winks with the way the manga is at the moment. Just reviews, seeing the guys do something that pisses off Meidri, see the new species and what their specialities are, see the various brothels. Thankfully, the new plot is still not that big but it does get more and more attention and I am just not looking forward to it. OK, I guess I am looking forward to going to heaven and see how that looks, but the rest? Can we skip that? Please? Or have another way to go to heaven again?
There is more happening in this book, more explanations about this world, how certain species work, and I am glad those were added.

What brothels/species are we meeting in this one? I won’t tell them all as I want to keep it a surprise, but I will list my favourites: The one with dreams and the wedding one.
My least favourite? The centaurs..

The art is still very nicely done and I love the sexy scenes.

All in all, give me volume 4 NOW. I need more!

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