Review for Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

Review for Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

Kid Normal and the Loudest Library, Boy, Girl, Superpowers, Humour, Villains, Friendship, Illustrations, Erica Salcedo, Chris Smith, Greg James, World Book Day, World Book Day 2020It is time for the Super Zeroes to have their first mission!

OMG, thank you Amazon for having this book (and a few others). Every year during World Book Day I am looking forward to several books and praying to the Amazon Gods that they will have it in stock. This year I was lucky! I couldn’t wait to see how my favourite super hero team would be doing their first mission, and most importantly, what it was going to be! Robots? A brand-new supervillain?

Our group just got accepted to the organisation when they get their first mission! They need to help someone out and it is important. Sadly, they quickly find out that their first mission may just be a dud, and I felt so sorry for them. I get that they are new to this whole thing, that they are still not a super super team with tons of things under their belt, BUT I wanted them to have the best mission ever for their first mission. Thankfully, I shouldn’t have worried as the story became very exciting very fast. There is something going on in the library and it makes a lot of noise. I loved Hilda’s reaction when they discovered what was happening, girl same! I would also totally fangirl on everything and cry when the battle begins and things get destroyed (why in every battle do things have to get destroyed?).

I loved the villain, I loved his plans (they were so evil and fun) and I loved how our team took action and formed a plan. Each one of them was an important part of making things work and I just love that. Yes, the team still needs to learn communication and listening to a leader, but in overall they were doing a great job and I was cheering loudly for them.

It was absolutely brilliant that librarians are all superheroes in this book, though I did feel sorry for the librarian’s cape in this one. That mustn’t be the most fun of capes.

The ending, oh my, I loved it! I was grinning and laughing because the organisation thought it would just be a piece of cake mission with nothing happening… haha.

There are also illustrations spread throughout this short story and like with all the other books in the series I love them! Their style is just so fun!

All in all, a short but oh so fun story that you will read in one go. I loved that this was written and I loved the theme of the mission. I wouldn’t mind more of these novellas for this series.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

6 thoughts on “Review for Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

    1. I would highly recommend the series, they all are full of adventure + their covers are all fun! You’re welcome! 🙂

  1. This sounds like a super fun, short story and your review was so thorough. You can really tell you were excited to read this one!

    Also, I feel like a dummy for not knowing about World Book Day! Where have I been??

    1. Thank you. And yes, I was (am still) excited!

      Probably the same place I was before I heard about it a couple of years ago (thank you Twitter). But you can still find these WBD books, so you got some fun reading ahead of you. There are picture books, childrens’s books, YA. 🙂

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