Review for Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden

Review for Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden

Vivian French, Nathan Reed, Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden, Purple, Plants, Girl, Werewolf, Castle, Bat, Ghosts, Children's Books, Illustrations, Fantasy, Magic, Werewolves, Superpowers, Cute, FriendshipMeet Lottie Luna, newly crowned princess and superstrong werewolf!

I read this book in Dutch but I want to write my review in English. I will be using the Dutch names however, so don’t look at my review strangely when you see names that don’t match with the English one. 🙂

Meet Lottie Luna, she looks like your average werewolf.. but she is not! This girl is born during the full moon and moon eclipse and so she has superpowers. Her hearing is amazing (which is regretting a bit in this new school as people are judgemental insert mean words), she is superspeedy, and she is strong, so very strong. But, unlike many people with superpowers, she doesn’t let that go to her head. Neither with the whole princess thing. All she wants, and this is what I loved, is to find new friends at her new school, just get through the week, and be normal. It made me happy to see that she knew how to use her powers, but yet she tried to not use them unless it was needed.
I loved seeing her stay positive in school despite having a mean-ish girl named Aagje constantly making comments and the whole thing about her being a princess and she doesn’t want to be treated special. It was great fun to see her find friends and eventually go to school with happiness and joy.

I loved the project at the school, to transform a garden into something very special. I would have loved to see more of the plans as now we only know bits and pieces of what some of the characters wanted to do. Still, I was looking forward to seeing who would win and how the garden would take shape.

There is also a dash of mystery and sadness when the garden plans are constantly interrupted and things are being broken. I felt so sorry for poor Lottie who was working so hard and was so enthusiastic about the whole thing. I was hoping everything would turn out all right, because I wanted that garden to be beautiful and I wanted Lottie to be happy.

Flad was just the cutest and I loved how he helped Lottie and tried to make her happy. I am glad that he couldn’t speak though. I am just not a fan of talking animals.

The ending was just fab! I loved it. It was exciting, fun, a tad OMG, and very full moon-ish.

I wasn’t a fan of Aagje or Bruno. I am not a fan of know-it-all characters who like to rub their OMG I am smartness around looks at Hermione. Thankfully she does get better, but yeah, she really needs a bigger change for me to like her. And Bruno was just mean and rude.
And mr. Kluifbot, what a horrible horrible man. Bah.

The illlustrations were just magnificent. I so so so so love the style of them. They are fun and playful, as expected by Nathan Reed. I am glad he was picked to illustrate this series.
Though I had a laugh at the illustration on page 53 which shows a silhouette of Lottie Luna in a skirt.. while in the pages around it she is wearing a sweater and pants due to what happened earlier. 😛

I can tell you that I can’t wait for more in this series. Lottie Luna is a fabulous character, I love her friends, and I just want more adventures. While I love the school setting I wouldn’t mind some more out of school adventures and to see more of her superpowers.
I would recommend this book to everyone.

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