Review for Madoka no Himitsu

Review for Madoka no Himitsu

Kingyobachi Deme, Manga, Cute,Madoka no Himitsu, Boy, Girl, Children, Fashion, Flowers,Two children, one who likes dressing in girls clothes and the other who prefers boys stuff. We see how people react and how important it is to let people do what they want, wear what they want.

This is a mega adorable and in my eyes important manga about having people be who they want. I was totally agreeing with so many points. Back when I was a kid I mostly wore pants and mostly participated in boy activities (climbing, soccer, etc). I have been confused for a boy many times in my youth and also in my teens. I was pretty much Itsuki! These days I am more into girly clothes and skirts and the likes. But back then? Itsuki all the way. So I love this book and how it tries to show that people should just show a bit more acceptance and maybe also don’t immediately think someone is x because they wear certain kind of clothes or act a certain way. I definitely found it ridiculous how back then people assumed I was a boy so many times.

I loved Madoka, he was just the sweetest and I loved how much he loved fashion and wearing all sorts of clothes. How he didn’t mind wearing his sisters creations, even did it with love and fun. He loved helping her out and loved being part of it. I did feel sorry that at times he felt anxious about wearing these things, don’t feel that Madoka! Just wear them with pride and happiness. You look fabulous! Your sister got talent and I know she makes her clothes with you in her mind.

I am happy that Itsuki was quick to accept Madoka and I loved the friendship the two quickly formed.

At first I wasn’t a fan of the other twin brother of Itsuki, how mean he was and how he judged. I am glad to see that things went better, but still for quite a bit of the volume I wanted to give him a big old kick in the shins.

There was truly only one thing I didn’t like and why I am kind of thinking of rating the book lower. And that reason is… Mai and her over the top jealousy, the book could have done without that. It just pulled away from the important message of accepting people no matter what they wear or what they like. I kept groaning and rolling my eyes at Mai. How it was solved was a bit meh, but I am used to that kind of stuff. So many books have bullies or people being mean being forgiven in a flash. That is not how it works. Believe me.

The art was absolutely fabulous, I love the style and I love the details on the clothes that Madoka and Itsuki wore. And there are other details that I liked. The character designs, the backgrounds. The mangaka has a wonderful style.

I would recommend this one.

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