Review for Mickey and the Animal Spies

Review for Mickey and the Animal Spies

Mickey and the Animal Spies, Anne Miller, Becka Moor, Newspaper, Animals, Girl, Children's Books, Humour, Adventure, DetectivesA girl wonderful at solving codes, a secret animal group, and tons of fun adventures!

I picked up this book in the first place for the illustrations by Becka Moor. I am a giant fan of her art and I need all of them in my life. And then I also fell in love with the blurb. I love solving codes, I love secret spy stuff, and I love animals!

I am a bit tired, so I will list all that I loved:
-The animal group named Cobra with, as expected, a cobra as the lead person.
-I loved seeing what animals were in the group, like Tilda the sloth, or Bertie the giraffe (who was afraid of everything and I had such a laugh seeing him stand on that desk).
-The codes. I had fun breaking them before Mickey could do it. I didn’t solve all of them as I was lying on my bed and didn’t have any materials with me to write on. But most I just did out of my head and that was fun.
-The missions and their names. I agree with Mickey that they weren’t that well fitted as anyone could guess what they are about. 😛
-It was just so much fun seeing them go on the missions, try to infiltrate into events, and to find out the culprits. I had a laugh at how easily Mickey was able to get into the event in the beginning. Just shout a name many people have, it works I guess.
-The whodunnit. I had fun figuring it out and as soon as I knew who it had to be I wanted to know more about the whys and the hows.
-I guess animals talk in this world, but I would think that someone else would know about it? I wonder how many confused people are walking around thinking they heard Kitty or Waffles talk to them or to someone.
-I loved seeing Bertie’s disguises and I seriously doubt people and their skills on seeing things around them. I mean Bertie is big enough that even if you dress him up he should stand out.
-The illustrations, they were wonderful again!
-The ending! It promises so much more fun adventures and I cannot wait! I definitely would love more books with codes, animals, and spy missions. See Mickey get better at spying, at codes, and see more agents in the field.
-I loved the birdmail and had a laugh that some birds had their ways to send mails (so in short don’t send them by gulls unless you know the road is clear of food/distractions).

Things I am not sure about, not dislike but just unsure.
-How the parents apparently didn’t care that their kid disappeared for hours or I should say, didn’t even notice…? Or during the last part? I would definitely want to know who the kids are that my kid is going away with. Maybe me, but Mickey is what? 10? 11? Still a child and I would like to know that the people are OK to be with.
-How the group reacted when Mickey had a crucial information to share. I get that she is new, I get that the files said x, but you could at least take her more serious. It was just painful to read.

All in all, a wonderful, delightful, and humorous book that fits perfectly with what I needed at this moment. Something fun to distract me. And this book did. I read it in one go. I want more! I would highly recommend this one to everyone looking for a fun book with codes and animals and spying!

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