Review for My Sister, the Serial Killer

Review for My Sister, the Serial Killer

Crime, Thriller, Family, Abuse, Sisters, My Sister The Serial Killer, Green Font, Woman, Sunglasses, Murder,A murderous sister and a meek sister who does everything for her, an interesting tale with murder and more.

Thanks to Angie through who I found this book and whose review made me want to read it. 🙂 And of course yay that one of my libraries had this book in English!

I am going to try to write something resembling a review. Sorry if it is a bit chaotic and messy.

This book was just too much fun/interesting with a dash of WTF and weirdness. It is about two sisters, one sister is Korede who is the good girl the one who works hard and has a job as a nurse in a hospital, sister two is Ayoola, she is the bad girl, she murders people (seriously guys, don’t date her is my opinion), is a bit lazy but also loves to make clothes. Then again, given that Korede doesn’t seem to have a will of her own and also just goes along with anything her sister does.. I wonder how good Korede actually is.

Korede will do anything for Ayoola up to the point that I was thinking it was just ridiculous and silly. I don’t have a sister, but I know my hubby does and I am fairly sure he wouldn’t help her out if she committed murder(s). Korede does however. No matter what happens she cares for her sister and I just wanted to scream at her to stop doing it, to let Ayoola learn a life lesson for once instead of being smothered so much and not getting any consequences no matter if she murders or steals men or is acting lazy. I wanted Korede to stand up for herself. To say no to her mum and sister. To actually feel like she is worth something. Because she keeps comparing herself, she keeps her sister in the spotlight. Plus every time things go wrong she is there for her sister. Cleaning up her messes, helping with the covering up. There were a couple of parts that had her try to help Tade, to stop her sister, but it was just too little for me. I wanted to see her raise the house. To make a stand.

Ayoola was a horrible person. I was never a fan of her. I didn’t mind that she was lazy, but I did mind that she just did whatever she wanted and didn’t give a rat’s ass about the consequences. When you first meet her you think that maybe it was indeed self-defensive, but I am sorry, it is just not normal that the next day you are all excited and happy and singing and dancing. That your sister has to tell how to act towards the family and how to act on the internet. It was as if she wanted to be discovered, and I have to say I just was hoping for that to happen. I also wasn’t a fan of how she used her beauty to her advantage and didn’t care what she broke in the progress. Oh he is married? Who cares?

We also read about the abusive father who died several years prior. What he did, how happy the family was when he finally died and they could live in peace. I was definitely not a fan of the father, what a horrible person he was. I can somehow see how Ayoola became what she is, not that I say it is good, OH NO, but living in such a frightening environment with a father who may just explode for her dating, I can imagine something may break inside a person and damage them for good.

Tade seemed like such a nice guy at first, but sorry I was just pissed how easily he let Ayoola in his life and how he, just like Korede’s mum, found that Korede should put her sister first. ALWAYS. How he got angry when she tried to tell him things. And more. Argh, in the end I just wanted Tade gone.

The comatose man? Well, I had a suspicion about things. I would have loved more from him though and then especially seeing the bond he and Korede build grow further.

The ending (as in the last few pages, the parts before that were very good though I was also rolling with my eyes) was a bit abrupt and I have to say I found it a shame on how it ended. I would have liked to see a different ending.

But all in all, this was one book I flew through. I definitely hope that the author will write more books like this, they have a great writing style that grabs you. I would recommend it to all.

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