Review for New Girl (Fear Street)

Review for New Girl (Fear Street)

New Girl, Fear Street, Night, Moon, Trees, Red Letters, Purple Letters, Girl, Red Sweater, Horror, Mystery, Threats, New Girl, Romance, Stupid Decisions, R.L. Stine, Young AdultA brand-new girl has arrived and Cory is totally head over heels when he sees her the first time.

I had to read a book for a challenge on my group and after some digging through the pages of my partner I stumbled upon this book. I was definitely interested as my mood at the moment is very much into horror/thriller. Plus, Fear Street! While it is a bit hit and miss at times I do love Shadyside and Fear Street.

Before I get what I did enjoy let’s start with what I didn’t to have that out of the way. I just wasn’t a fan of how Cory acted throughout the book. I know love makes blind and makes people do foolish things, but this was just beyond that. For quite a bit of the book I thought maybe Anna was a vampire or something (which wouldn’t be strange given she lives on Fear Street) because this just went beyond love. Cory makes mistakes, forgets about eating and how life works, ruins his gymnastics routines and his future (because I am sure he wants to continue this into college and sorry bro but then you need to pick up the slack), and he just heads out in the dead of night to go to Fear Street.
Plus, he was a dick towards his friends.

I could understand that due to this that he didn’t notice that Lisa, his best friend, was interested in it. But it did get, just like that part above, just silly with how oblivious he was. I AM pretty oblivious at times in these things so I recognised it, but I confess, but if someone shows that much interest in me, I can tell you I would know.

What I did like was how Stine wrote the mystery and what is up with Anna. I can tell you I had many theories on what could possible be happening, but I hadn’t expected that! I love it when a book can surprise me. Sometimes books are predictable, sometimes you can easily find the whodunnit, but in this one? You kept guessing and each time you thought you knew what was going on Stine would throw something in the way to make you second guess everything.

Anna? She was an interesting character and had me curious as to what was going on with her. At times it looked like she had split personalities. She would act sweet and demure and the next she would be mean and hurtful. It made her character much more interesting.

Later on the story gets in even more tension as Lisa is receiving threats and things are going wrong. I was definitely on the edge of my chair at those moments. I loved Lisa, I didn’t want her to die!

The ending was also pretty nicely done. It tied up everything nicely and it was very exciting (and the last pages very sweet).

All in all, I give it a 2.5 stars. It had good moments, but sadly Cory just wasn’t a MC I very much liked.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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