Review for Odd Gods

Review for Odd Gods

David Slavin, Daniel Weitzman, Adam J.B. Lane, Odd Gods, Building, Group of Kids, Gods, Goddesses, Humour, Illustrations, Greek, Mythology, Funny, Children's Books, Yellow LettersCome see a twin brother discover his own strength and his own friends despite being not as fabulous as his twin brother.

I read this book in Dutch (where it is called Gekke Goden van Olympus) but I want to write my review in English.

We all know that one person in your life who does so much better than you, often that is a friend, but in Oddonis case that is his twinbrother, Adonis. Yep, Adonis, that Adonis. You can imagine that he is charismatic, gorgeous (well, I guess), fabulous. And also a dick, but that is something he only truly shows at school/away from his parents. Even Zeus, their father, loves his fabulous son more than his odd son. So throughout the book we see Oddonis try to find his way in life, to make something out of it despite living in the shadow of his brother. I felt so sorry for Oddonis that he had to go through all the things he went through. No one deserves that. That is why I was rooting like mad for Oddonis to find his place and to make something out of these lemons life is giving him. I wanted to see him gain more confidence and find his powers. I loved how fast he found friends and how they all helped him out when he decided to go up against his brother in the elections for student president.

Throughout the book we see many references to the world/greek mythology, we read about Freya and her love for strange food, we see Olympus, we read about gods (and that there is a big discrimination going on with gods vs those without powers), we see various famous gods/goddesses walking around or be talked about. I really had so much as I love Greek Mythology.

Plus, there is tons of humour and puns to make the book a hilarious and fun trip.

Translation-wise: While I did love how the story flowed and how the humour was kept (which believe me isn’t easy given how often the humour and jokes get lost in translation) I am a bit sad that they destroyed Mathena’s name and changed it to Insomnia… I mean if you are going to keep the other names themed to the book’s theme than you can also keep the name. The other 3 friends have mostly kept their name or very close to it (like I just love how Puneous became Ieniemieniemus).

The art was quite fun and fitting with the silly and weird story!

All in all, I do hope for more of these books as I definitely want to see what is next for Oddonis. I would recommend this book to all who are in the mood for a silly book and love Greek Mythology.

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