Review for Penguins

Review for Penguins

Penguins, Tom Jackson, Penguins, Photography, Cute, Adorable, Non-FictionI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh My Gosh, I just love penguins they are just the cutest and so I had to see if I could get this book when I saw it on Netgalley. And here I am, going through this book with gorgeous photographs.

Yep, this is a book filled to the brim with penguin photographs along with some small information at each photograph. Sadly, I had a hard time reading those small bits of information as it was quite a tiny font. I could have zoomed in, but I know that my ADE will crash at times when I do that. 😛 So I just fully enjoyed the penguins.

We get to see all sorts of penguins, from the emperor penguin to the Gentoo penguin (which I had to look up as they did seem recognisable but I never heard that name, apparently in Dutch they are called ezelspïnguin and that is a name I do recognise). I am delighted that we get to see so many varieties of penguins. Some books just focus on one or two kinds, but it seems this book just went all out.

The book is split up in sections. First up an introduction to all the wonderful and darling penguins, followed by them in the water, swimming fishing and having a good time, followed by penguins on land shouting at each other, huddling together for warmth, walking and running, followed by all about the penguin family and their chicks which had me awwing even more as it was just so gorgeous and sweet. I am happy they made various sections.

I love the photographs they were so clear and beautiful (I know this sounds silly but I have seen photography books with grainyness or blurry images). Some got real close to the penguin, so close it was as if you were just standing next time them. And some we see the penguins in motion. Running, gliding, slipping, jumping, and trying to do all sorts of stunts we recognise from documentaries or from the gifs that can be found on the internet.

All in all, highly recommended if you are fan of penguins or if you are looking for a new photography book to enjoy.

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