Review for Still Sick Volume 1

Review for Still Sick Volume 1

Still Sick, Volume 1, Akashi, Tokyopop, Manga, Yuri, Women, LGBT, ContemporaryWhen a colleague discovers Shimizu’s hobby Shimizu tries everything to keep her colleague silent, but also showing her the yuri ways (and with that I mean letting her watch anime and such). The manga is pretty bland in regards to yuri.

I got accepted for the second volume of this series on Netgalley (I didn’t notice it was book 2 until I requested it) and so I had to read the first volume.

But yeah, this just didn’t work for me that well. I was looking forward to this one due to the yuri genre, I just LOVE yuri give me all the yuri (and all the yaoi). But this one? I don’t feel any spark between the characters. We know that Shimizu falls in love with Maekawa, but that is it. In this whole volume I never saw sparks, I never felt a connection. This was definitely aided by how horrible I found Maekawa.

She is constantly floating between fake happy (as I would call it) and her real personality which seems to be quite eh. I get that her life hasn’t be the most fun given what we learn as the volume progresses, but to say those things to Shimizu? Or to even think them and not say them? To give her such looks? To treat her like that? To say such horrible things? I was often just disgusted with Maekawa’s attitude and as the manga progressed I just got more and more annoyed with this girl and I was just hoping that Shimizu would run to the hills. Far away. But no, Shimizu is, as we can clearly see, falling in love. Also I found it a bit disrespectful how she didn’t seem to get that she shouldn’t rant and rave at the workplace about Shimizu’s hobbies. 😐

I actually liked Shimizu and I just adored how cute she was when she went in yuri rant, how she saw all those little things in shows and fully went for a ship. I loved her art and I loved how dedicated she was and I wouldn’t mind reading her stories.

The ending just absolutely pissed me of. What Maekawa did there (and said after the fact) is just a big no, but it fits her horrendous personality.

I am also a bit confused by the title, still sick? I thought for a while that someone would get sick, but no one ever gets sick.

The art was OK. I am not a big fan though.

Now I am definitely not looking forward to the second volume, but I guess I will at least give it a try. See if it gets better. If Maekawa becomes nicer and friendlier and less bitchy. If the characters actually get chemistry.

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    1. Yeah :(, hoping the second volume gets better, going to read it soon. You’re welcome, thanks for reading. 🙂

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