Review for Twisted Fairy Tales: LIttle Rude Riding Hood

Review for Twisted Fairy Tales: LIttle Rude Riding Hood

Twisted Fairy Tales: Little Rude Riding Hood, Jo Franklin, Chris Jevons, Little Red Riding Hood, Retelling, Humour, Picture Books, Children's Books, Girl, ForestI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I LOVED the Twisted Fairy Tales about Snow White and how that took us to space and had robots and other fun things. So I had to try out another one of my favourite fairy tales and see how it would become twisted.

Meet Little Red Riding Hood. We all know this is a sweet girl, but think again! In this one she is rude. Really, this girl has a big bad mouth, but it seems that her parents just have no clue what to do about it. They just tell her it isn’t nice and that is it. Yeah, parents, that is going to help.
I loved that, instead of granny being sick, Rude Riding Hood had to visit granny to say thank you for the red hood she received. I was definitely happy that the parents finally put down their foot and pushed their kid to this.

I actually felt sorry for the poor wolf. That guy was just being so nice and he was getting insults left and right from a little girl with a big attitude. And the same for other animals in the forest. They were all trying to help and the only thing they got back is a big fat mouth that needs some soap to rinse all the badness out.

I kept wondering when she would learn, and while I did love the story it just took too long for me and I was getting frustrated with this girl. I also wasn’t a fan how everyone treated the girl like glass or if she would break if they weren’t nice to her. It takes just wayyyyyy too long. Even though the story is just 11 pages it felt way longer to me. Which is a shame.
Plus when things happen it just felt too magical for me.

So yeah, this one had potential but in the end it just didn’t work fully for me. It took too long, it was too magical, and I just wanted someone to grab Little Rude and throw her in the pond. 😐

But the art was cute. I loved how everyone was drawn and the illustrator captured Little Rude’s expressions perfectly.

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