Review for Unicorn Muddle

Review for Unicorn Muddle

Pig, Princess, Rainbow, Colourful, Unicorns, Magic, Fantasy, Humour, Funny, Unipiggle The unicorn Pig, Unicorn Muddle, Princess, King, Queen, Cute, Fun, Yellow, Banner, Children's Books, Hannah ShawIt is time to pig, sorry, pick, a unicorn! Which one will our princess pig? Sorry, again, pick! 😛

When I spotted this book on Amazon while browsing for new releases, I knew this one would be a book I would love. Unicorns? Check! A cute pig who coincidentally is a unicorn? YES! Colourful and fun illustrations? Sign me up!

This book begins on the day that Princess Pea (her real name is much much longer, welcome to royal names) gets to choose her own unicorn. Something she has been wanting for years and now is finally the time. I loved that a princess could pick a unicorn, and that unicorns were even a thing in this world. But it seems that, despite magic being banned by the queen (who I found a tad mean for all she did) there are tons and tons of magical creatures! Back to unicorn picking. Before that event happens we get to learn the princess and oh my I would have loved to be friends with her when I was her age. I was exactly like her. Mud is totally fine. Treehouses are cool. Adventures, yes please! Who cares about silly dresses and perfection, playing outside and doing what you want is much more fun. I was happy that her parents did allow her to work in the garden and have a treehouse. Given how the mom is I was worried she would have said no.

In the meantime I had also tons of fun looking for the pig. Yep, that naughty little magic unicorn pig can be found on quite a few of the illustrations before we officially meet him. I loved that! I was really looking forward to seeing where the pig would show up now and what he would be doing.

And then the unicorn parade happens, and boy, I wasn’t a fan of the unicorns. They are all so snooty, but also very shiny and pretty. If you want something to look at I guess a unicorn is nice, but otherwise, eh. And I say that as a big unicorn fan. Then again, I do know there are also kind unicorns, but in other stories. In this one the nice unicorn is… a pig. I loved the idea of a unicorn pig! His unicorn horn was also way prettier. Plus, it seems that he can do some magic, teehee.

The ending was superduper fun. With marshmallows, magic, baths, and something more. I think that the queen and king and of course Princess Pea will have a hilarious and magical time ahead of them. I do hope that the queen will loosen up and maybe be more kind and allow more magic. Perfection is nice, but magic trumps that. At least for me.

The art was playful, colourful, fun, and I loved it!

I am also delighted that there are 2 more books in store for Unipiggle and Princess Pea. I cannot wait for them to come out, I need them now!

I would highly recommend this book to all. Especially in the time of a pandemic we could all use some colour, some magic, and some roll around humour. And this book is perfect for that.

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