Review for Window

Review for Window

Window, Marion Arbona, Black/White, Trees, Girl, Window, Balcony, Children's Books, Imagination, Fantasy, Details, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This picture book just sounded too delightful to pass. I knew I had to try it out and see what the girl imagined. And oh boy, did she imagine!

Meet our tiny little heroine she has a very big imagination and as she walks from school to home she sees all sorts of magical events. She imagines what is behind each window that she encounters. From a window with dead flowers in front of it she sees a whole garden in the house, a shuttered window that must mean vampires and bats, and so on. Each window brought new delights and I was definitely looking forward to each window.
Plus, I am fairly sure the kid has the best time walking home. It can get a bit boring walking the same route everyday, but imagining these things makes it all better and more fun. Plus, you can keep imagining. One day the windows will be x, the next maybe y?

This girl encounters some very fun and lovely windows, this town is so diverse! I would have loved seeing so many diverse windows when I was a kid, I am sure I would have done some imagining myself then.

I loved how the girl also moved along with the pages. She starts at the left and ends up at the right.

It is just a shame that this is an ecopy as it broke up the pages in two parts. It just distracted a bit and took away from the magic. No I won’t rate the book lower on that, I just feel that I need to say this as it was something that stood out for me. It distracted me.

The art was just amazing. I loved that it was black/white, but I loved it even more that there were so many details on each page. The intricate windows, and then the scenes behind them. Holy wow. This book definitely provides a long time of fun just checking all the details and seeing if you can find them all.

All in all, a magical and imaginative book I would recommend to everyone.

Star rating, 4 stars

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