Review for Still Sick Volume 2

Review for Still Sick Volume 2

Still Sick, Volume 1, Akashi, Tokyopop, Manga, Yuri, Women, LGBT, ContemporaryI received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Here I am again. I read the first volume just a few hours ago (though by the time the review is live it will be yesterday) and it was meh. 2 stars. Maekawa was erghhh, the romance almost non-existent, no sparks to be found. I wasn’t looking forward to this one, but I thought if I would read it today I would be done with it, no delaying.

I hated how Maekawa was so dismissive of her kissing Shimizu. Yes, it may not be her first kiss, but she is interested in you, and you were and are very hurtful towards her. The discussion was way too easily solved and I wasn’t happy with how easily Maekawa just clicked to another mode. 😐 Plus, that bonus story and what Shimizu does there? Girl. No. If you don’t like it being done to you don’t do it to others. BIG FAT NOPE.

This one also mainly focuses on Maekawa and her manga carreer started afresh. Sorry, but I am not a fan of the character, and again I came here for Shimizu and her yuri manga and seeing that develop. I wanted to see romance. Especially since cool and strong Shimizu seemed to just go into meh and down mood. She is constantly saying things that I don’t want to hear out of her mouth. Stating she is useless, or that what she does doesn’t compare to what Maekawa does. She is constantly doubting herself which is just unhealthy.

And sure, I can understand why Maekawa is doing the things she is doing, but I am still not happy with the girl. She says such harmful and hurtful things that I am just pissed most of the time. It feels like she is toying with Shimizu. At times it seems like she understands and tries to better only to turn a full round and do her cold and angry and hateful routine. She even slaps Shimizu on the hands when she was just being friendly. And then she even gets angry at Shimizu for no freaking reason and this is how it goes all the time. Cold Hot Cold Hot Cold Normal Freezing Freezing Doom. If she would just fucking talk to Shimizu in a NORMAL adult way then maybe I would respect and like her a bit more. But this? This relationship doesn’t feel at all healthy to me. If someone treated me like Shimizu did? If she said all those things? I would have stayed away. I am sorry. I also have to choose for myself. And seeing how Shimizu is doing…

The art was so-so, I wasn’t a fan most of the times.

This is the last volume for me. No more of this. I want a healthy relationship, I want sparks and fun kisses and sweet romance.

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