Top 10 Books March 2020

Top 10 Books March 2020

Afternoon all!

Smile, Lost Cat, Sunstone, Top 10 books March

Bye bye March, hello April! Welcome to a new Top 10 post, this time for March 2020!

What a month. The first weeks filled with anxiety about if we were going to stay inside or not, the second half having to stay inside and trying to find food as people went totally bonkers here. But there were also good things, like baking tons of yummy food, gardening and seeing everything in my garden and outside come to life.

This month a bit different than normal. Since I have to ration what I read (with 2 more months of staying inside and no libraries open) this time I will also add some 4.5 starred books to get 10 books. So this month, one 5+ starred read, six 5 starred reads, three 4.5 starred reads.

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Kozue Amano, Slice of Life, Cats, Magic, Aria, Aria the Masterpiece vol.5, Alice, Girl, Dress, Gondola, Venice, Mars, Neo-Venezia, Manga
Smile, Emoji, Brace, Green, Raina Telgemeier, Growing Up, Sister, Brother, Braces, Graphic Novel, Young Adult, Children's Books
Mickey and the Animal Spies, Anne Miller, Becka Moor, Newspaper, Animals, Girl, Children's Books, Humour, Adventure, Detectives
Block Party - Webcomics Anthology, Jonathan Kunz, David Daneman, Brian Gordon, Elizabeth Pich, Weinye Chen, Toothy, Jess Thomas, Michael Sweater , Meg Adams, Bob Guy, J.L. Westover, Aditi Mali, Andrew Zelman, Valérie Minelli, Bee, Mikiko, Chris McCoy , Kelley Riley, Jimmy Craig, Ryan Pagelow, Deya Muniz, Min Christensen, Anthony, Kevin Kuramura, Sandserif, Krysten Bevilaqua, Gudim, Kristen P., Houses, Flag, Characters, Humour, Webcomics, Comics
Kingyobachi Deme, Manga, Cute,Madoka no Himitsu, Boy, Girl, Children, Fashion, Flowers,
Wranglestone, Darren Charlton, Trees, Lake, Island, Cabin, Zombies, Young Adult, LGBT, Blue, Mountains
Lost Cat, Caroline Paul, Cat, Blue Letters, White Background, Cats, Humour, Finding Cats, Cat Lover, Wendy MacNaughton
Stjepan Šejić, Red, Girl, Mirror, Two sides, Dom, Sub, BDSM, Sex, Graphic Novel, Relationships, LGBT, Romance, Friendship, Sunstone, Sunstone Vol.3,
Kid Normal and the Loudest Library, Boy, Girl, Superpowers, Humour, Villains, Friendship, Illustrations, Erica Salcedo, Chris Smith, Greg James, World Book Day, World Book Day 2020
Bet on Love, A.F. Zoelle, Purple, Red, Man, Torso, Bare Chest, Romance, LGBT, Cover Love, Sexy

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