Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Fallout

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Fallout

Evening all!

Welcome to a brand-new Waiting on Wednesday, this time featuring The Fallout by Rebecca Thornton!

This book sounds amazing, featuring secrets, drama, and how quick something can happen with kids if you don’t look for just a bit. I am curious about the fallout, to see what her choice was, and if the little boy survives/lives. I wonder how long it will take for the truth to come out and how people will react. Given the reviews that are out I see there will also be Whatsapp conversations and I always like it when texts/mails/chats are included in books.

All in all, this is definitely a book that fits in line with the kind of stuff I am looking forward to reading. Thrillers/drama/books with secrets. I hope this book is a good one, I guess I will find out on April 2nd when it releases into the wild.

Rebecca Thornton, Grass, Legs, Women, Bench, Bag, The Fallout, Drama, Truths, Secrets, Rumours, Fiction, MysteryEveryone has an opinion. Everyone has a secret.
I only took my eyes off him for a second.
One little mistake is all it takes . . .
When Sarah forgets to check on her best friend’s little boy, distraction turns to disaster. And she’s faced with a dilemma.
Tell the truth, lose a friend.
Tell a lie, keep her close.

In a split second, Sarah seals her fate. But accidents have aftershocks, and lies have consequences. And when it’s someone else’s child, the rumours are quick to multiply.
Everyone’s talking about what happened. And sooner or later, the truth will have to come spilling out…

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