Review for Aoi House Vol.1 + Vol.2

Review for Aoi House Vol.1 + Vol.2

Aoi House, Adam Arnold, Shiei, Graphic Novel, Yaoi, Humour, College/University, Club, Anime, Girls, Boys, HamstersThis is a review for the first two volumes. This was a pretty fun read.

Volume 1: When I saw that Seven Seas was putting this graphic novel (with manga-style art) and a couple of other series up for free… well I couldn’t resist of course. I have read a couple of these pages in I believe NewType or another American anime magazine whenever I was able to get one. So having a chance to read the whole story? Sign me up.
I have to say I found it much more cringy than when I read it years ago. 😛 Ecchiboo was just an annoying piece of poo and I am a big hamster lover so that says a whole lot. I get that he is a reference to another annoying as hell hamster (Echibu), but the story could have done without it. I don’t get why the guys were ever accepted. The girls were at times a bit cringy. The things they did didn’t seem to fit with their age at times. But there were also enough things I liked. While I am not extreme as these girls I understand the love for yaoi. I used to watch and read it quite often.
I loved seeing the antics at school and I loved that this took place at college/university.
The art was also pretty good. It is a nice manga-esque style with tons of cute girls.

Aoi House, Adam Arnold, Shiei, Graphic Novel, Yaoi, Humour, College/University, Club, Anime, Girls, Boys, HamstersVolume 2: Ah yes, the whole mystery person in a room in the house part, I remember seeing parts of that in the magazines I read. And now I know for sure I wasn’t a fan. I loved the idea of a normal house with crazy girls who love yaoi a bit too much, but adding a mystery element to it with some mysterious villain-esque person… no.
I did have a laugh at the date (and felt a bit sorry for Alex, then again he got himself in this mess) and I absolutely LOVED the cosplays and seeing if I could recognise them all. Plus, we learn some more on Yaoi house and how it got made. I had a laugh when one of them pulled the elastic out of Alex hair and turned him into a bishounen and all the girls went mad for him. 😛
And we are preparing for con! Yay! I loved seeing what they were making and that movie was fantastic (and a bit bonkers). And later on so many references and I had fun trying to see if I could recognise them all. Yay. That is A LOT of snow, never seen so much but I would probably also make the best of it. Oh and we get some romance/drama. Oh my!
Once again still loving the manga-style art. It is such a playful and fun style.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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