Review for Beauty

Review for Beauty

Beauty, Girl, Dress, Rose, Forest, Boarding School, Magic, Fantasy, Rose, Young Adult, Friendship, Abuse, Beauty, abuse, friendship, a queen who is obsessed with being young, and that gorgeous cover.

Re-read 2020! This was an amazing re-read. Corona and staying home is useful for something I guess, I am reading more re-reads now I have to ration my books. This book has been high on my Ohhh, I need to re-read this for some time, so yay.

A gorgeously written book about a girl who, when she moves away from home to a boarding school, learns to defy her mom and accept that she is pretty. Yes, her mom wants to be the fairest of them all and will do anything and everything to get that. Even abusing her daughter by making sure her daughter feels like a total crapfest if she so much as looks pretty or prettier than her. I felt sorry for the girl that she felt like she had to be ugly and had to fatten herself just to get attention and love from her mom. At times I wanted to shake her, especially later when things go wrong and she still thinks her mom cannot do anything wrong. What the actual hell, girl how damaged are you? Answer: too damaged. Poor thing.
So I was glad that at the boarding school she learned to appreciate herself more and that thanks to all the food she is learning to eat healthy again. Because eating cakes as only food is a big no no despite how lovely it sounds.

I loved the school-setting part aka boarding school it is one of my favourite settings. And while not much happens in this one because it is not a real school (not a spoiler this is pretty much known from the beginning as we get a POV from the boss of the school) I still loved reading about the lessons they had and what else they did at this place.

I loved seeing how things went from OK to worse slowly and I loved that our MC did everything she could to figure things out and to help out her friends/peers. Reading books about herbs, asking people, making sure her peers and friend were comfortable. The change in the girls was also an interesting one.

There are also POVs featuring the mom and the boss of the school. I definitely wasn’t a fan of the mom’s POV as the mom is just a psychotic woman who needs to accept she is getting older. Plus, with that POV we also get that creepy Beauty Consultant who I never liked as he was just wayyyy too much NOPE. While the other POV give some insight in the characters, sorry, if I don’t like a character (and I didn’t like either of them) then I don’t want them.

I flew through this book, just like I did when I read it first. Before I knew it the book was over. I would definitely recommend it to all and I can’t wait to re-read this one again in a few years.

Star rating, 5 stars

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    1. Ah, thank you. My mind is so not here that I couldn’t come up with the name of Snow White, I kept searching in my mind, and it just blanked out. 😛 I hope you enjoy it~

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