Review for Beneath The Dead Oak Tree

Review for Beneath The Dead Oak Tree

Foxes, Red, Black, Moon, Dress, Comics, Horror, Gruesome, Gore, Foxes, Emily Carroll, Beneath the Dead Oak TreeFoxes, murder, fancy balls, and oh my this was epic!

I just adore Emily Carroll, her work is amazing both her art and her stories. Each time I am looking forward to new work, and this one I found through Shortbox. It is a short story of just a few pages, while I wouldn’t mind more, I think the size is perfect for what it tells. Plus, it has amazing art.

It is about a female fox who flirts with a male fox at a party, all very fancy and aristocratic. He tells her to meet her at x time at the dead oak tree… and what she sees there fills her with horror and shock. And me as well, dang that was just the most gruesome thing that happens. That man, fox, is definitely one that everyone should avoid. I was a bit whut when she decided to flirt further with him even after what she knows but the ending is clear why she did that.

Be warned tons of gruesomeness, blood, and more. Then again, if you know Emily Carroll’s other work you won’t be surprised. 😛

I would recommend this one to everyone looking for a short horror story to read. I just flew through the short story and enjoyed it immensely.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

5 thoughts on “Review for Beneath The Dead Oak Tree

  1. This is definitely a yes for me! I like horror stories, and since this is a short story, I could just read it in one sitting. Now with the quarantine we have plenty of time 🙂

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