Review for Eat, and Love Yourself

Review for Eat, and Love Yourself

Eat and Love Yourself, Sweeney Boo, Lilian Klepakowsky, Girl, Glasses, Huge ass glasses, Yellow font, mental health, fantasy, chocolate, body issues, eating disorder, friendship, romance, graphic nonvel, purple,A girl with body issues finds a chocolate bar that has special powers (drugs, magic, both?) and teleports her (in a way) to the past where she will learn things that may in the end be the path to self-love (hopes this makes sense).

I fell in love with the cover and then the blurb. Plus, I am always interested about books about body issues and see what caused them/how the character is doing and see if they get better at the end.

I am going to try write a review but at this moment, but my mind is really not in a good state with the stay-at-home going for the 3rd almost 4th week.

We see that her eating problems and her weight isn’t just related to what she does now… it is definitely tied with her shitty parents. Sorry, but that dad was just horrible and the mom just closed her eyes to her kids problem and later acts just as shitty as the dad. Bleh. What the hell parents? And in her teens, when I didn’t even find her fat.
The poor girl eats and eats, which I can imagine, she wants something to easy her mind, to make her feel better again. 🙁
I did think that the whole parents and forgiveness was just done a bit too simple and easy. Come on, this is years of mean comments, of shitty remarks, and it is solved just like that? No. Just no.
Poor Mindy. We see how she has nightmares, see her eat and puke. I just wanted to hug her so badly.

I did like the book but what the hell is up with Mindy’s huge ass glasses? They cover her whole face, why?? It really distracted me from the story. Plus, I laughed my butt off during the scenes from the side, it just looked like she was wearing some windows instead of glasses.

Mindy dear, don’t run away all the time when things get tough. I understand it though, I have the same problem or well in a way, but I know from myself it just isn’t the best idea.

I liked that each time she eats a piece of chocolate and goes back to the past/and back we get a close-up to the chocolate and how much is still left. Nicely done! I also liked when she ate the last part and what happened next. You go girl! I am so glad that she is gaining more confidence and is now going to try to break the cycle. All the luck and love to you Mindy, I am rooting for you.

The ending was fun and I am definitely hoping that she gets together with that guy.

The art was really fabulous and I like it so much.

All in all, a wonderful graphic novel which I loved reading. I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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