Review for F*cks to Give: 201 Reasons to Give a Sh*t

Review for F*cks to Give: 201 Reasons to Give a Sh*t

F*cks to Give: 201 Reasons to Give a Sh*t, Lemons, Fresh, Colours, Assignments, Positivity, Non-fiction, Quotes, Lt JennesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Yes, yes, I feel down to my last fuck. With this stay at home and everything is cancelled my mental health is now so down in the dumps I wonder if I will get back again with still many weeks of isolation and no plans in the future due to uncertainty how long this will take. sighs So yes, I could use this book and I had to press that read now button. Give me this book! My fucks are given!

It doesn’t entirely work as an ebook though. This is a book with quotes and with assignments. Those 201 reasons to give a shit? Those are reasons YOU as the reader have to fill in. I hadn’t expected that, or well, I kind of did but I had thought there would be more to it then filling in blanks. Since I cannot fill in blanks in an ebooks, I just did it all in my mind, at least those I could do, some I just had no clue what to fill in or it was just not something I do, and some are just not possible with today’s situation. But a lot of them I filled in! And I have to say that while it may not have the satisfying feel you may get when you truly fill it in… I did feel better after reading this book and doing the assignments. I saw a bit more light in my life. Saw that there were things that I should hold on to in these days that my mind just seems to keep forgetting. Thank you book! Thank you author.

I loved the freshness and colours in this book, it really fits with the positivity that this book is trying to give. I loved reading the quotes and I was nodding along with several of them as I agreed.

All in all, this is one book that I really liked and that was definitely a help in these days. I would recommend it to everyone.

Star rating, 4 stars

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