Review for Finna

Review for Finna

Finna, Nino Cipri, LGBT, Wormholes, Blue, Tools, IKEA, Hive, Travelling, Sci-fiIKEA + wormholes + death = OMG! Yes! Sadly, there were some things that distracted me.

I spotted this book on a book blog where it was being recommended. I am always in for a good LGBT novella especially with a premise of IKEA + wormholes. Come on, how amazing does that sound?

Meet Ava, a sweet girl who isn’t having the best mental health and struggles quite a bit. Add to that her broken relationship with Jules, her suckish job at IKEA um sorry IKEA-like story and you can imagine that adding a wormhole and a missing eldery person isn’t really helping her day get any better. She kind of gets forced into the whole situation along with the person she broke up with.. Jules. Yep. If you thought the day couldn’t get worse. I definitely like Ava and felt sorry that her mental health was making things so hard for her.

I loved the travel through all the multiverses and seeing the various worlds that live in those portals. Not everything is friendly and that is immediately clear when they spot some cute chairs and almost get eaten. And it doesn’t get better from there so it was a wild ride of awesomeness. You know what, despite all the danger and creepy stuff? I would love to visit those worlds. Go through a maskhål and discover all those. Oh, and stay away from certain places.

The idea that we all have a good replacement running around in those multiverses was an interesting idea, though also maybe creepy.

I had a big laugh reading the names of the rooms. Like Nihilist Bachelor Cube.

The ending was perfection and I am happy with how it ended. I would love to see a sequel to this one though.

The video was fun and I would have loved to see it (or well parts of it). Though I was a bit put off from the whole rage/meh behaviour on the hetero couples in the video. Oh no heteronormative behaviour, how scary how dreadful how horrific. rolls eyes I get we need more diversity but I think when they made that video 30 YEARS OR SO AGO they didn’t think OMG OMG DIVERSITY, but rather wanted to send a clear message to people about wormholes. Plus, hello 30 years ago things were a bit different.

I also had something else to say but I am removing it. Despite me not meaning any harm… I should have known.

Also distracting with the constant friction between Ava and Jules, it just pulled away from the amazing IKEA but with wormholes and death stuff. Sure, I was happy at times that they had a chance to talk.. but it was just not the time and it just didn’t fit for me. Plus, it just annoyed me and I didn’t see how these two got together in the first place.
When I got this book I was hoping for romance with a lot of creepy stuff going on… I didn’t get that.

I am still happy I had a chance to try this book. The idea is pretty awesome and there were plenty of things that I quite liked. Just a shame about the rest. 🙁

Star rating, 3 stars

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