Review for Food Baby

Review for Food Baby

Food Baby, Lucie Bryon, Blue, Ramen, Food, Cooking, Comic, Funny, HumourA fun and hilarious short comic about food and cooking that will have you laughing and feeling very hungry.

I love Lucie Bryon’s style and when I saw this one pop up on Shortbox gumroad, I knew I had to get it! The comic itself reminds me of another comic I read, it is a Dutch comic and it had the same thing as this one, funny stories + food. Let’s see, the of the comic was: Smikkelen en smullen. Here is hoping that both this one and that one get more comics as I definitely want more!

The comic starts with an introduction about Lucie, how she never smelled anything and how when that was solved she wanted to taste and try all the food. Dear Lord, I can’t imagine living without smell, though on some parts it would be nice to not have smell :P. The vegetations, I never heard of that, didn’t know that this was a thing. Creepy.

After that we switch to the foodie/cooking comics and those were just a delight to read! I loved that not everything was recipes but instead it was a nice mix of food comics with cooking comics (which I know are also about food, but I have to make a distinction somewhere) The recipes were easy to read and I am sure easy to follow. Not really any of them were new to me, but I still liked reading them. I definitely would like to make the chicken nugget sandwich which looks like dinner to me so probably will end up like that. I am a bit hesitant to make my own nuggets though, something to do with oil. And no I don’t have a normal fryer, I have an airfryer after the normal fryer just got everything messy and sticky and was hell to clean up. But maybe I should just one day take the step and try it out!

The illustrations/art are fun and delightful, as I said I love Lucie Bryon’s style.

I would definitely recommend this fun book to everyone.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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