Review for Karate Kids

Review for Karate Kids

Karate Kids, Holly Sterling, Red, Kids, Children's Books, Karate, Sports, Cute, Picture BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love the cover of the book (and my hubby agrees that it is a very cute cover) and since I did some karate in high school (just a tiny bit it turned not for me) I thought I should try this book. Thanks to the publisher for granting my request as this was an adorable and fun book.

Meet Maya (and her friends) as they are going to karate. Thanks to them we learn a lot of basics about karate from how the outfit is called (gi) to various moves and what you may do at lessons. It was really fun, and they reminded me of me when I just started… though I have to say I would probably have been a bit more motivated in karate if it was as fun as the lessons in this one. From what I remember from my karate lessons it was mostly remembering remembering and practising and it felt often that you had to just do it right the first time.

I loved the part at the ending where the author tells us she is/was a karateka and even won competitions.Wow! That is amazing and that makes the book even more special and fun.

The art is really cute and adorable and I love the style.

I would recommend this book to all. It is fun, informative, and cute.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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