Review for Komyushou VS Yuri Vol.1 + Vol.2

Review for Komyushou VS Yuri Vol.1 + Vol.2

Accidental Harem, Komyushou VS Yuri, Himitsu, Pink, LGBT, Hilarious, Mental Health, Jobs, One-Page Comics, Humour, Funny, Yuri, Girls, CuteA hilarious manga about a girl who is a yuri-magnet and lands into hilarious situations unintentionally. 😛 Review for Volume 1 + 2.

I already had my eyes on this manga for some time but I wanted to save it. And I am glad I did, right in these times I can use a silly and funny manga. Plus, yuri!

This manga is quite short which I found a bit of a shame, but on the other hand, I also think the story is perfect as it is. Each chapter is just one page. There is still continuity, but I don’t think the sketches (as I would call them) should be any longer than they are now. I do love that the story continues and that we at times see characters re-appear.
The first volume is about her job at a bakery/food place and see how she is doing there. The second volume is about her as an assistant teacher at a high school. I have to say I liked the first volume a tad more, it felt a bit more random and more funny.

Accidental Harem, Komyushou VS Yuri, Himitsu, Pink, LGBT, Hilarious, Mental Health, Jobs, One-Page Comics, Humour, Funny, Yuri, Girls, Cute, FlusteredI did feel for the girl, she is quite anxious and nervous about new stuff and it seems that may be the key to all the girls flocking to her. They all want to be with her, protect her, they find her cute and adorable. While it may not be a funny thing, and I should probably be scratching my head, I did also think it was cute and I was squeeing at her reactions when a girl or girls flocked to her. She should be used to it by now… but instead she still gets flustered each and every time. The magnet is even working for me. A girl not in the book’s world.
It was quite funny to see how each girl reacted differently to her. Some wanted to marry her or find a way to get married to her, others wanted to bring her home (oh my), others just wanted to hold and hug her. I am happy that the author kept finding new ways to express the girls love love reactions to our MC.

I have to say there was just one page/one sketch that had me uncomfortable. We already know this girl unintentionally adds girls to her ever growing harem. We know that she can seduce people ages 16-40, but was that one scene needed to show that apparently anything under 16 is also falling for her. A little girl and I was just NOPING my way out of that.

I absolutely LOVE and ADORE the art in this book. The expressions are perfection and I love how the girls are all drawn. I am a big fan of the fun covers which capture the story perfectly.

All in all, give me more of this manga. It is funny, it has yuri, it is adorable. I would recommend it to everyone.

Star rating, 5 stars

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