Review for Mushishi Vol.1

Review for Mushishi Vol.1

Mushishi, Volume 1, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Manga, Travelling, Doctor, Mystery, Episodic, Yuki UrushibaraA beautiful world and we follow a mushishi who walks through the country helping out people.

I just ADORE AND LOVE this series so much. Not just the manga, but also the anime. I thought it was high time to get on re-reading (and re-watching) the series again. It is such a beautiful series and I wanted to get lost in the world again. See Ginko and see what he encounters on his journeys across the land. And of course, I am looking forward to seeing Ginko’s past unfold again, because Ginko has experienced many things in his life which brings him closer to mushi.

The manga is pretty much episodic, each chapter features a new kind of mushi, new characters, and a new chance for Ginko to save the day/help out people. I loved seeing Ginko travel through the world and see how he helped out people and what he asks back from them (I always loved that he never required a lot back and often what he got back had to do with the case he was involved with at the moment (like the sake bowl)).
Each case was very interesting to read and I was curious to see how it all started, how things got worse, and how Ginko will help out (and if he can help out as he also encounters new things or things that aren’t known to many). Plus, what we will learn of each new mushi, as each one has a whole story, a whole terminology about it. Will people accept his help? Well, for most they do. Which made me happy. It mustn’t be easy living in a world with invisible (for most at least) beings that may do things to the human body that may not always be kind or friendly. I can just imagine how scary it is if you keep hearing voices.. or if the dreams you dream come true.. and not in the good way.

I loved that Ginko always talked and treated the mushi with fairness and in a way that it wasn’t their fault. He always has an explanation for why they do what they do. And that they often just as eagerly want to leave the human body.

Most of the stories had me feeling quite emotional due to what happens there. For instance the story about the boy who had horns and heard noises, but also the man whose dreams came true. I just felt for those characters so much. They had to suffer so much. 🙁

The art is quite pretty and then especially the backgrounds. I do know that the style gets better with each volume.

All in all, highly recommended if you are looking for a gorgeous slice of life with fantasy setting and fantastic stories and characters.

Star rating, 5 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for Mushishi Vol.1

  1. I haven’t heard about the manga or anime before but it sounds amazing!! You definitely intrigued me.
    I love the fact that he asks things in return for his help that have something to do with the case. That sounds really interesting!
    I’ve never read a manga before but maybe I should start. Would you recommend starting with the manga? Or anime?

    1. Yay, I am happy to hear that. 😊
      I would recommend the manga first, familiarise with the story and get to know Ginko, and then enjoy it again with the anime, as the anime/manga aren’t that different but it will be a whole different experience thanks to seeing it animated, the gorgeous ambience + sounds.
      Also let me know if you would like some other recommendations if you like Mushishi. 🙂

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