Review for Rock Mammoth

Review for Rock Mammoth

Rock Mammoth, Green, Mammoth, Sunglasses, Boy, Eveline Payette, Guillaume Perreault, Picture Books, HumourI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So this cover just called me. A mammoth with sunglasses and looking very punk? Sign me up!

The book is about a little guy who is having to do a report in front of his class (urgh, I remember how horrible I found that, I always was stressing out and trying to get out of it). His topic? Well, if you are thinking he is going to be doing it about a normal pet, like a goldfish for instance, then you are dead wrong. He is doing it on the mammoth! Yes, while that is not a conventional pet, Louis counts it as one, and I wasn’t disagreeing. It would make a dang awesome pet.

We see how Louis tells the class about his pet, mammoth, and I loved how he started with their discovery and who was the discoverer, then he got to some details, and then he went to their disappearance (which according to him was because they were such rock stars and just needed time out, love it). We then read on how he got to the topic of his report and oh yes how he went on a hunt for a mammoth himself (which was adorable). While at times it was a bit less of a report and it felt more like a fantasy story I still loved it.

I loved LOVED how the book was designed. It looks like the pages from a research paper/report, but there also parts that showed us rooms and places. Delightful!

I had a big laugh at Louis report and then especially the teacher popping up quite a few times because Louis went on tangents and seemed to forget about mammoths all together. 😛
I also loved the reactions of his classmates.

The ending was one I hadn’t expected at all! I had many ideas on how the story could go and while I was kind of thinking of this as a possible ending I quickly shrugged it off, they wouldn’t go that way? Would they? I was in stitches when he pulled that out in front of the class. Oh my goodness!

The illustrations were just the cutest and I love their style. I definitely need to check out what other things this illustrator drew. I want more!

All in all a funny and delightful tale about mammoths and reports and rock. So much rock. headbangs

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